Yellowfin BI Development Update: Dashboard – Header and Column Locking

The development team at Yellowfin has been working around the clock to come up with new and exciting features! And, as usual, we haven’t let you down.

One such feature – the new Header and Column Lock for Dashboards – will be available in the next iteration of Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence software, Yellowfin 6.3, due for release in May this year. Thanks to this development, Yellowfin Dashboards are now even easier to use.

Have you ever been in a situation where one of your reports on your Dashboard has had too many rows or columns – and when scrolling up and down, or left to right – you lose the row and column headings?

Well, this is now a thing of the past…

Now, you’re able to lock the report headers and columns on your Dashboard. The benefit of this development? Simple, yet highly useful. You can now move around a report, scrolling up or down and from side-to-side, without losing the header and column names!

This feature is only available for the Dashboard, and is very easy to turn ‘on’ and ‘off’ via the report level.

To turn this feature ‘on’, edit a report and select the ’Data’ toolbar button. You can either tick Header lock, Column lock’, or both.

Once the report is saved and added to the Dashboard, both columns and headers will appear locked.

The above illustration demonstrates how the headers remain locked when scrolling to the bottom of the report.

The above illustration demonstrates how the columns remain locked when scrolling to the right of the report.

You can turn this feature ‘off’ the same way that you turned it ‘on’, by deselecting ‘Header lock’ and / or ‘Column lock’.

Once the report is saved, it will return to its original state – without any headers or columns locked.

This new feature will become available in Release Build 6.3, which is scheduled for May 2013.