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Are you seated? Are you calm? Are you ready? – Your pulse is racing because you have never seen a job like this before. So compose yourself, then keep reading this incredible job description that barely does justice to the software engineering role we have open right now at Yellowfin.

What makes this job so much better than every other code-monkey, cubicle dwelling, software engineer job that has ever existed? Glad you asked. We could turn on the corporate lingo bingo or have Jake tell you why he is leaving and why this coveted role is now available. So over to Jake…

“I graduated university in New Zealand in 2010 with a Software Engineering degree, and came over to Melbourne with no money or plans. Sleeping on my friends couch, I quickly blew what little money I had and realised I had to find a job fast.

After applying for a few jobs via Seek I got my first reply from a pretentious small development firm in Fitzroy. They told me to “dress formal” for an interview the next day. I went straight out and bought a spiv tie-pant-shoe combo. The interview was a 2-hour exam on programming practices that I had just crammed for but forgotten about during my four years of study. I failed it. Badly.

Looking back, thank god! As I left I returned a missed call from Yellowfin wanting an interview. I was informed that it was on Level 46 of “the batman building” and that I could “dress casual”. Turning up in flip-flops and board shorts, the first question in the interview was “do you drink beer?” and the rest is history.

Sadly, after 2 and a half years, I am leaving Yellowfin to travel the world. So therein lies your opportunity!

Yellowfin is the kind of workplace that people naively think all IT companies have. Our open-plan office with amazing views has perks such as Nintendo Wii, Nerf guns, poker and card games, special end of month activities, and in-office beers on Friday’s, to name a few.

Development skills that I have, that you need, to replace me:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Java
  • Command line
  • Eclipse

Development skills I have, that you might want to have, to replace me:

  • jQuery
  • iOS
  • Android

If you are a talented developer, who can get the work done whilst having a laugh and would like to work with a bunch of funny buggers and good sorts, then a job at Yellowfin is for you.”

Well that’s the inside gossip from Jake.

It’s not everyday an awesome job like this comes along. So pity the poor chumps that just accepted a lesser role last week – they don’t even know what they have missed – but you do.

Act now before this magnificent position is filled or Jake changes his mind.

To apply, and for us to even consider your resume, you must tell us why you want to work for Yellowfin. As you might guess we are not interested in robots. Good luck!

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