Yellowfin to boost BI success rates with “real-world state of BI” Webinar series

Global Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics vendor, Yellowfin, will host a series of Webinars – exploring the latest in-depth industry trends affecting BI deployment, management and usage – throughout Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th July 2013.

The “real-world state of the BI market” Webinar series will use Yellowfin’s expert analysis to dissect the results of 2013’s Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study – the BI industry’s most in-depth research report into major global implementation, usage and technology trends and developments.

The event will also explore why Yellowfin was rated first in the vendor ranking section of the study.

Attendees will receive a free copy of the report, compiled by Dresner Advisory Services (DAS), and can register for a Webinar time HERE >

“If understanding how to capitalize on market trends and the consumerization of BI – to empower more people with understandable and actionable information – is important to you and your business, then this Webinar is a must,” said Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie.

Rabie said that Webinar participants would learn:

  • Why Yellowfin was rated No.1 in DAS’ competitive ranking of the world’s foremost BI vendors
  • Why new generation consumer-oriented BI is set to dominate at the expensive of ‘traditional’ BI
  • How to take advantage of the latest trends shaping the BI landscape

“A member of the ‘Emerging’ market segment, Yellowfin was its leader again for 2013, improving scores in virtually all categories vs. 2012,” wrote report author, Howard Dresner, in relation to Yellowfin’s performance in the 2013 Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study. “It was ‘best in class’ for all measures in all categories and had a perfect Recommend score.”

Howard Dresner, former Gartner Research Fellow and Lead Analyst for BI, is President, Founder and Chief Research Officer at DAS.

The report – based on a total of 1182 completed surveys from professionals with first-hand experience using vendor products and services – analyzed key marketplace trends, and ranked 23 of the world’s leading BI vendors across 33 different criteria. Find out more HERE >

“If you’re thinking of deploying BI, you need to see beyond the hype,” said Rabie in relation to the upcoming Webinar event. “Take advantage of our expert analysis and explanation of the industry’s most prevalent, tangible and relevant trends. Move beyond the pomp and fanfare. Let Yellowfin help you understand how to harness the industry knowledge you need to safeguard your own BI success.”

Dresner echoed Rabie’s sentiment, reiterating the importance of understanding how to exploit the industry’s most important trends when implementing or expanding BI programs. Dresner also emphasized the key role that DAS’ annual Wisdom of Crowds report played in helping organizations recognize major global BI implementation, usage and technology trends and developments.

"Our annual BI study goes far more in depth than other market reports, thus enabling readers to understand the nature and rate of change in the market and to better determine what is real and what is hype,” said Dresner.

"I’ve been focused on Business Intelligence for nearly a quarter of a century and I’ve never been more excited about the industry than today… Enter mobility, collaboration, cloud, visualization, big data and social – it’s nothing short of a Business Intelligence Renaissance."

Yellowfin has scheduled three concise 40-minute “real-world state of the BI market” Webinars throughout Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th July 2013.

To register for a session, click HERE >


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