BI.TV Series 1, Episode 9 (Business Intelligence & Analytics news, views & reviews)

Welcome to BI.TV – your vendor agnostic fortnightly recap of global Business Intelligence and analytics news, views and reviews.

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In the news

Episode nine of BI.TV explores a series of opinions, best practice advice and research around five key analytics areas, including Collaborative BI, Dashboard design, Mobile BI delivery, Big Data uptake and engagement, and executive level reporting.

Story 1: “The BI Collaboration Challenge

Story 2: “Dashboard 5 Ps

Story 3: “10 Common Mobile BI Assumptions You Should Avoid

Story 4: “Big Data Study Reveals Enterprise Attitudes, Engagement, and Challenges

Story 5: “Four Ways to Leverage BI for Executive-Level Reporting

Story 6: “Quiz: Mobile BI strategy, techniques and practices for CIOs

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