BI.TV Series 1, Episode 11 (Business Intelligence & Analytics news, views & reviews)

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In the news

This episode of BI.TV explores a range of topics:

  • Senior Managing Director at Accenture Analytics, Narendra Mulani, argues the need to set BI objectives based on specific business issues, rather than the available data;
  • Tech Pro Research examines Big Data advancement in the enterprise in their latest report – Big Data Trends: Costs, Payoffs, Outcomes, Staffing;
  • Bill Shander explains how the process of visualizing information can assist organizations to communicate complex concepts to its stakeholders;
  • Founder of advisory firm Analytics-Based Performance Management, Gary Cokins, discusses the processes organizations should observe in order to achieve maximum value from business analytics;
  • An article in McKinsey Quarterly outlines how business analysts should convey the importance of Big Data Analytics to an organizations’ executive management team to secure C-level sponsorship;

This episodes interactive component comes from the Advanced Analytics LinkedIn group, via Vice President of Nuevora, Todd Milligan. Milligan asks: “What things prevent analytics groups from maximizing the value they bring to their organizations?”. To have your say, go HERE >

Story 1: “Take an issues-driven approach to business intelligence

Story 2: “Research: Big Data trends: Costs, payoffs, outcomes, staffing

Story 3: “Does Your Company Actually Need Data Visualization?

Story 4: “How to Get the Most from Business Analytics

Story 5: “How to Mobilize Your C-Suite for Big Data Analytics

Story 6: “What things prevent analytics groups from maximizing the value they bring to their organizations?

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