TDWI: “Yellowfin Tweaks Its Positioning with New Yellowfin 7 Platform”

Yellowfin’s BI platform has been an analytics powerhouse all along, according to CEO Glen Rabie

TDWI and freelance technology scribe, Stephen Swoyer, penned an in-depth review of Yellowfin’s latest Business Intelligence (BI) platform, Yellowfin 7, for

The article, largely based on an interview with Yellowfin CEO Glen Rabie, discusses Yellowfin’s market positioning and rise to prominence as an internationally recognized BI and analytics provider.

Swoyer writes that “The aim with Yellowfin 7, says CEO Glen Rabie, is to address the self-service analytic discovery use case in an enterprise context: i.e., to achieve ‘balance between the two; [the] enterprise use case and the discovery use case’.”

Swoyer emphasizes Yellowfin’s “Evolving Collaborative Feature Set”, noting the introduction of “a new collaborative feature: ‘Timeline’, a Facebook-like feature that tracks a user’s activities and interactions in Yellowfin’s BI environment. Timeline compiles a searchable, chronological, and above all visual catalog of these events.

“Just six months prior to Timeline, Yellowfin had unveiled ‘Storyboard’, which it dubbed a new "presentation and collaboration platform for BI."

While these features have been available in Yellowfin since its 6.3 release, Swoyer speaks to Rabie about how “Yellowfin 7 enhances both technologies”.

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