Enriched location analytics capabilities in Yellowfin 7.1 enable users to map to zip code

The imminent release of Yellowfin 7.1 – the latest version of global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor Yellowfin’s BI solution – will enable users to geocode address data to post or zip code level on-the-fly.

Yellowfin 7.1 will be officially released via a series of Webinars, running throughout Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 August 2014.

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“Almost all organizations have address data that they could benefit from analyzing,” said Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie. “But, we realize that gaining access to the GIS information necessary to exploit location-relevant data can be difficult.

“With Yellowfin 7.1, our customers will be able to geocode their address data to post code or zip code level, rendering that information on a map with ease, to quickly produce stunning visualizations and actionable insight.”

Yellowfin 7.1 will automatically assign zip codes, latitude and longitude coordinates as well as polygons – where available – to address-level data. Users will be able to immediately geocode selected address or other data to individual zip codes on a map without having to source separate GIS records and geometry points.

“By providing pre-packaged GIS data that enables users to quickly link zip codes to address data, we’re empowering our clients to create beautiful maps fast, which deliver deeper insights and a brilliant analytical experience,” said Rabie. “The ability to effortlessly plot data points at zip code granularity provides detailed context to existing business data, while uncovering fresh insights and revealing previously unidentified spatially significant relationships.

“The enhanced location analytics capabilities in Yellowfin 7.1 will allow our customers to put their organization on the map and discover their next big business opportunity.”

Following the release, Yellowfin clients will be able to download free post or zip code data packs from the Yellowfin website via the all-new Yellowfin Marketplace.

Yellowfin Marketplace is an online portal that will host a series of ‘GeoPacks’, which will contain location sensitive information, including map layers, as well as geometry, GIS and demographic data.

Yellowfin will host three concise 40-minute Yellowfin 7.1 release Webinars throughout Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 August 2014.

Register for the official Webinar launch of Yellowfin 7.1 HERE >

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