Yellowfin lance une offre gratuite d’informatique décisionnelle dématérialisée sur AWS Marketplace

Yellowfin, the global provider of BI software and analytics , offers a free cloud-based BI offering available on AWS Marketplace .

Yellowfin for AWS (Amazon Web Services) allows companies to get free cloud-based BI through AWS Marketplace (the AWS Usage Price remains). In just a few clicks and minutes, users will be able to deploy a business-grade BI environment that includes a free 12 month 3-user license for Yellowfin.

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“We are excited to welcome Yellowfin to AWS Marketplace,” said Ed Lenta, AWS Australia-New Zealand Regional Manager. Yellowfin’s 100% online BI solution enables AWS customers to easily and easily assemble sophisticated BI and data analytics solutions in minutes with the AWS cloud.”

On the new offer, Glen Rabie, Yellowfin’s CEO, explained, “Yellowfin’s AWS offering makes high-end data analytics easy and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes and users of all types.

Users can easily connect their Yellowfin instance for AWS to Amazon Redshift , the AWS automated data warehouse service.

“We’ve seen a lot of direct users and SaaS providers deploy Yellowfin for AWS and then connect to Amazon Redshift,” Rabie said. “People love dematerialized because it’s fast to deploy, scalable and affordable. And that’s exactly what Yellowfin for AWS provides: the ability for layman users to quickly, easily, and freely create and share an unlimited number of stunning visualizations , reports, and dashboards from any device.

“Not only can users benefit immediately from this free offer, but the extreme adaptability of both solutions means that it’s easy to switch offerings at any time to get into big data analytics quickly and easily. profitable, and operate smoothly across the entire enterprise.

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Rabie then explained that Yellowfin for AWS also provides the ideal platform for companies that want to build a secure SaaS BI solution for multiple customers.

“Yellowfin combines perfectly with Amazon Redshift and allows businesses to easily deliver a secure multi-tenant BI environment,” said Rabie.

Yellowfin’s cloud-based BI quality was recently recognized by the BI Survey 14 of the Business Applications Research Center ( BARC ), the world’s largest BI-based study.

Yellowfin has been voted the best dematerialized BI solution in the “dashboard” and “standard reporting” editors’ reference groups for the third year in a row.

“Cloud BI is clearly an area that Yellowfin dominates,” said Dr. Carsten Bange , BARC founder and CEO. “Yellowfin has obviously invested a lot in cloud BI and was one of the pioneers in the market. Cloud-based Yellowfin customers report strong business profit gains from their BI implementations.

The BI Survey 14 also noted that the flexible licensing model and cloud deployment options are all critical factors in explaining its dominance of cloud-based BI.

“Yellowfin supports SaaS deployments in traditional or cloud-hosted environments, and supports multi-tenant or multiple database environments,” the report said. “Its flexible subscription system is a very useful economic model in this area.

Yellowfin will be exhibiting from November 11th to 14th at re: Invent 2014 , booth 132, and will present Yellowfin for AWS. re: Invent is the largest annual gathering of the AWS global community.

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