Governed Data Discovery Best Practices Webinar: Recording and slides

Miss our Governed Data Discovery Best Practices Webinar series?

Well, don’t sweat it! We thoughtfully recorded the Webinar for your on-demand viewing pleasure.

Governed Data Discovery Best Practices Webinar recording

Governed Data Discovery Best Practices Webinar presentation slides

And, we uploaded the slide deck to Slideshare; allowing you to move through the presentation at your own pace.

Download the presentation slides HERE >

Why watch?

Watch Yellowfin’s Webinar series, Governed Data Discovery Best Practices, to learn how to find balance in your Business Intelligence (BI) deployment. Give end-users the freedom they want and IT the control they need.

Watch this Webinar to:

  • See how end-users can answer business questions without waiting for IT
  • Learn how to keep your data and content secure within the enterprise
  • Discover how a centralized browser-based platform can give IT complete control and transparency without taking freedom away from end-users

Yellowfin: Governance baked in

Yellowfin is a single-integrated BI platform that’s 100 percent Web-based with the centralized architecture you need to effectively govern pervasive BI deployments, manage your data security and scale seamlessly.

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Why is Governed Data Discovery important?

The rise of specialist desktop Data Discovery tools has given you new freedom to explore and discover insights in your data, without heavy IT involvement.

But, this freedom often limits IT control, leading to poor outcomes. Gartner predicts that through 2016, “less than 10% of self-service Business Intelligence initiatives will be governed sufficiently to prevent inconsistencies that adversely affect the business.”

Governed Data Discovery gives your users the freedom to explore your data and uncover fresh insight, while empowering IT to manage your BI environment.

Watch this Webinar recording to discover how centralized IT governance can actually empower end-users to independently explore data and produce invaluable business insights.

Learn how Governed Data Discovery best practices can deliver:

  1. A single source of truth: Find out how, using centralized architecture and a metadata layer, everyone in your business can share a single view of your data. Always act on the most accurate and insightful data analysis with Governed Data Discovery.
  2. Security: Ungoverned desktop-based Data Discovery can create unmanageable mounds of isolated and contradictory misinformation. And, it can also create a big security risk. Give your IT department the framework they need to protect one of your organizations greatest assets – its data.
  3. Pervasive BI: BI platforms that support governance – with centralized, Web-based architectures – aren’t just good for keeping your data safe and accurate. Scalable technology also makes data analysis and exploration more accessible. Enable pervasive BI deployments – and empower more people throughout your business to make better, faster fact-based decisions – with Governed Data Discovery.

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