2019: A New Yellowfin 8.0.1 Release

2019: A New Yellowfin 8.0.1 Release

In Yellowfin 8 we introduced two new products, Yellowfin Signals, to automatically discover the most critical changes in your business as they happen, and Yellowfin Stories, to provide context to the numbers and tell compelling stories with your data.

We’ve received great feedback since then and implemented some of the requested enhancements to improve the user experience, increase governance and performance. As it is with every release, we’ve also included improvements to reports and charts.

Read the change log here.

Key highlights for the latest release:


To provide a faster and more intuitive user experience, we have added updates to both the back-end and front-end for Yellowfin Signals.

Signal narratives have been improved to increase readability with dimension and metric names appearing in bold and enlarging the formatting for metric values. Automated color coding are now applied to the signals so they can easily be identified as positive or negative changes for the business. For example, a reduction in incidents would be identified as a positive change with blue, rather than orange, color coding.

A new summary notification lets you know what other relevant signals are available and takes you to the new Signal List with a single-click. The Signal List page has been enhanced with new filters allowing you to filter signals by time received, view where the signals originated from, signal types and status.

Signals has been enhanced with Signal Actions: actions which allow better governance of the automated insights generated by Yellowfin Signals by allowing you to name an owner, assign the signal to someone to work on, share the signal for analysis by others, and close the signal when the business has taken action.

For Assisted Insights in the Analysis tab, we have made it much easier to you to read the auto-generated narratives and consume the accompanying visualizations. Just like at the Dashboard, you can now take all insights and the auto-prepared data set into a new report to explore further.

The Signal rating system has been simplified to a thumb-up/down system. Interaction ratings have also been enhanced to better recognize your actions during signal exploration which ultimate influences signal personalization.


A new Yellowfin Stories feature is the ability to create and edit reports from within a story so the creation workflows are fully integrated. Upon creation, new reports will be automatically added into an existing story. New quick access buttons have been introduced to allow you to quickly return to your drafts. Within a story, you can now reposition content simply by using drag-and-drop.

For data storytellers who use multiple BI tools, you can now embed interactive third party analytical content in your Yellowfin Stories through an enhanced plugin framework. Whilst this ability was introduced in 8.0, the framework itself has been extended to allow non-BI content as well. Watch this space!

Reports and Data Visualization

In your reports, you now have the option to apply row subtotals on Cross Tab reports. Tabbed CoDisplay reports now generate separate tabs in the same XLSX spreadsheet and a Low Memory Footprint option has been introduced to manage the exports of very large and wide reports. For Drill Throughs, Parameters are now selectable as linking fields.

For visualizations, an enhancement called Trim Display has been introduced to allow you to trim dimensional values off a categorical chart that do not meet a specific threshold. You might want to report on everything but sometimes you just want to show the Top or Bottom N in one of your charts: you can now do that and even place trimmed values into a new “Other” category in the same chart!

Web Services API

A new API function call has been added to allow you to programmatically insert a new column into a View. This supports client organizations and global languages.

Check out the video below to see some of these new enhancements in action:

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