Before You Embed Analytics: An Essentials Checklist

Before You Embed Analytics: An Essentials Checklist

Are you planning to integrate embedded analytics into your business application?

You have made the right decision. 

Embedding analytics directly into your software, rather than using a third-party, separated access application, gives you a wealth of benefits. For example, it helps you to get maximum value from data, brings analytics deeper into standard workflows, and significant competitive advantage. Your software has in-built capabilities others don't.

There are plenty of embedded analytics solutions available today, so how can you find the best option? In this post, you will find an essential checklist to follow that can help you determine the best-fit embedded BI solution for your business, customers and use cases.

Embedded analytics: 7 key factors to consider

1. Is the embedded analytics product flexible?

Data requirements will increase as more people start using your application, and it’s very important to choose a modern analytics platform with tooling that offers flexible options.

For example, Yellowfin utilizes iFrame and REST APIs. It enables the platform to run embedded code across a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, and smartphones. Also, it can work on web-based sources. As a result, Yellowfin has become highly flexible. You can easily scale the resources as data requirements increase.

2. Does it offer seamless integration and user experience?

Best embedded analytics solution enterprise and software vendors

A good embedded analytics tool seamlessly integrates with your application’s architecture. You can implement it directly into your product regardless of your tech stack.  It can make your life a lot easier.

Also, make sure that the tool offers a seamless user experience. The users don’t want to switch to applications to obtain different data. They want to get everything in a single place. With a great embedded analytics tool, you can create a one-stop dashboard.

As a result, the users can find key insights in a single place. They no longer have to switch to different applications to start analyzing data to help inform their decision-making.

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3. Does it offer robust security features?

Before choosing an embedded analytics tool, make sure to look at its security features.

You don’t want to see your application being exposed to malicious attacks. Also, you should check to see if it supports role-based restriction. It will help you to add an extra layer of security.

For instance, Yellowfin allows you to encrypt the data in transit. As a result, hackers will have a very hard time intruding into your system. Also, you can restrict access to the data by assigning roles to the users. On top of that, Yellowfin supports 3rd party identity management systems for user authentication.

4. Does it support white-labeling?

White-Label Analytics What is It

White-label refers to a legal protocol. It allows you to sell and rebrand products or services of other companies.

Make sure that the embedded analytics tool offers white-labeling. It will enable you to effectively customize the look and feel of your application. As a result, you can ensure a consistent user experience. For instance, Yellowfin’s white-labeling tools allow you to match the analytics components with your core application experience. Therefore, you can effectively deliver the same aesthetic, branding, and vision.

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5. Does it have everything to meet the reporting needs of users?

Your product users have a range of functional needs. For example, some of them are looking for tabular reports. Others want interactive dashboards with rich visualization.

While picking up an embedded analytics solution, make sure that it has everything to meet the reporting needs of users. Can it cater to their day-to-day operations? Does it provide access to advanced analytics? These are some of the questions that you should ask before implementing the embedded analytics tool.

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6. Can it help me to bring new analytics features to my product faster?

embedded BI use cases

Creating an in-house analytics solution can be very expensive and time-consuming. You don’t want to spend months developing new features for your product. The world has become very fast and dynamic. You won’t get much time to create new functionalities.

That’s why you need an efficient embedded analytics solution. It can help you to accelerate the development cycle. As a result, you can add new functionalities to your product faster. The integration process is very simple. Therefore, you can implement new features to your application within hours instead of weeks.

7. Can it provide world-class support for my project?

You may have successfully implemented embedded analytics in your application. But still, you will need support in different situations. For example, you are unfamiliar with a specific part of the embedded analytics solution. Without proper support, you can’t effectively leverage it for your application.

That’s why you need to choose an embedded analytics solution provider with a world-class support team. They can assist you in leveraging the true power of the platform. Also, they can help you in fixing technical issues.

Yellowfin offers exceptional customer support. The support team provides prompt responses to your queries. Therefore, you will always find a helping hand whenever you face any issue with the implementation.

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Should I use Yellowfin for embedded analytics?

Yellowfin is an amazing business intelligence software. It supports drag and drop builder. As a result, you can effortlessly embed analytical features into your application. It can make your life a lot easier. Also, Yellowfin offers world-class support. It can help you to effectively integrate the solution into your core application. For these reasons, you should definitely consider using Yellowfin for embedded analytics.

Try Yellowfin: See the Embedded BI Suite in Action

Yellowfin is a powerful business intelligence software. It has everything that you need to deliver exceptional analytics experiences.