Blue Hill Research: Yellowfin ‘extends leadership’ in enterprise BI with Yellowfin 7.2

The latest software release from global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor Yellowfin, Yellowfin 7.2, has been praised in an independent report compiled by industry analyst firm, Blue Hill Research.

Authored by Blue Hill Research Principal Analyst, James Haight, the Market Alert – titled Yellowfin 7.2 in Context of the Broader BI Market – assesses Yellowfin 7.2 in the context of the “evolving expectations and needs of enterprise BI”.

Business Intelligence decision-makers should take note of the approach and direction of Yellowfin’s release as it presents a necessary third way in constructing a much-needed middle ground within enterprise BI,” said Haight. “Yellowfin’s announcement carries merit because it represents an extension of the company’s continued leadership in regards to evolving enterprise BI needs.”

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The report explored the three core technical capabilities introduced in Yellowfin 7.2, including:

  • The Business Analytics Workflow: The Business Analytics Workflow introduced a new framework to facilitate superior collaboration between data analysts and business users within the BI platform
  • API connectors: Yellowfin 7.2 ships with an open connector framework, enabling users to connect to, visualize and act on data from any third-party Web-based application
  • Forecasting: Improved forecasting and trend analysis extended the breadth of Yellowfin’s predictive capabilities, facilitating better, faster data analysis

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Blue Hill Research highlighted Yellowfin’s Business Analytics Workflow, stating that enabling different types of BI users to effectively collaborate was critical for facilitating enterprise wide BI deployments.

“Decision-makers should view Yellowfin 7.2 as a solution that takes into consideration workflow barriers uniquely for different user personas,” read the report. “Blue Hill Research identifies the approach that Yellowfin 7.2 offers as one which can have a meaningful impact on creating a BI culture where persistent user adoption creates long-term value.”

Yellowfin Co-Founder and CEO, Glen Rabie, said that Blue Hill Research’s independent evaluation of Yellowfin 7.2 provided strong validation for Yellowfin’s product direction.

“The key to successful enterprise BI deployments, and sustained return on investment for BI initiatives, is widespread user adoption,” said Rabie. “Yellowfin 7.2, as Blue Hill Research has found, empowers business users and data analysts to collaboratively work together to drive better, faster fact-based decision-making.”

Haight’s recommendations in the Blue Hill Research report echoed Rabie’s comments.

“Yellowfin’s release shows important consideration for the various persona-based needs of different BI stakeholders throughout an organization,” said Haight. “This focus extends Yellowfin’s leadership in this area, and presents a compelling framework, which Blue Hill’s audience should consider as they look to make enterprise-wide Business Intelligence investments.”

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