Building Custom ITSM Dashboards for BMC Remedy

Building Custom ITSM Dashboards for BMC Remedy

The importance of timely and accurate IT insights is increasing rapidly in the modern era. 

Organizations often desire a customizable solution to meet the specific needs of their business best and increasingly want to mix data from multiple sources and match data to sales, HR, asset management and other sources in order to better understand root causes and drive better decision-making. 

To do so, they need a solution that is able to be flexibly tailored for all use cases.


Custom ITSM Dashboards for BMC using Yellowfin

ITSM Reporting is a critical feature of BMC Smart Reporting powered by Yellowfin. Yellowfin 9.8 evolves the dashboarding capabilities from the latest version of Smart Reporting significantly. These dashboards can live in Yellowfin or be embedded in a corporate Portal or Website. Yellowfin can help synchronize login and permissions to ensure a smooth transition.

Yellowfin 9.8 provides many new and exciting features, including the new Yellowfin Present tool. Present allows the delivery of live analytic content in a familiar, PowerPoint-like format (also known as data storytelling). The analytics are fully interactive including drill down, filtering, sorting, sharing, and exporting.

In this blog, we cover the types of dashboard formats and data stories BMC users can expect when using Yellowfin BI and its Present feature.


Sample Dashboards Formats using Yellowfin BI

These are typical metrics that can be compiled and styled with great flexibility. You can embed filters, drill-downs, interactive reporting, and data extracts. 


Sample Dashboard Format for BMC Remedy with Yellowfin


Sample Dashboard Format for BMC Remedy


Sample Dashboard Format with BMC Remedy


Sample Dashboard Format with BMC Remedy and Yellowfin


Sample Presentation Format using Yellowfin Present

Yellowfin Present is an ideal data storytelling capability for facilitating customer meetings and reviews and can save a significant amount of time and effort from custom presentation work. 

The information is dynamic and drill-down and filtering capabilities behave just like Dashboards. All data remains within the system, meaning that the data is as up to date as it can be, security permissions are maintained, and access audit trails are kept.


Yellowfin Present and BMC Remedy example


Yellowfin Present with BMC Presentation example


Viewers of presentations made in Present know the data shown is accurate as it provides a dynamic, real-time update of business performance as it stands at the time of consumption, rather than a static image of the data that is typically found in traditional Keynotes or PowerPoints - making it a perfect solution to elevate your ITSM Reporting.

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Dashboards are NOT Enough!

Ultimately, whether you like dark backgrounds or light, Yellowfin can unlock creativity to make data presentations engaging and powerful. But keep in mind that many tools can generate beautiful dashboards. What is important is how scalable these dashboards are, how they perform, and how much flexibility you get around the data sources and databases you can use. 

Yellowfin uniquely brings together both robust dashboards and the right enterprise features to deliver a highly cost-effective solution.

Next Steps: Yellowfin for BMC ITSM Solutions

Learn how you can use Yellowfin with your ITSM solution today. BMC partners and customers get preferential pricing and can build on their existing BMC Smart Reporting foundation. Find out more, speak to our team.