Data visualization uncovers that short and sweet makes a good Tweet

With Yellowfin’s newly developed Twitter connector with pre-built dashboards, a few of the Yellowfin team have explored the twittersphere to see what we could find. I have been able to gather some rather interesting insight into the world’s top Twitterholics:

Now I was surprised to see that the queen of social media and the person who supposedly ’broke the internet’, Kim Kardashian, wasn’t on top of the list – but 12th!

As I dug deeper, I realized that Kim K has half as many followers as Katy Perry, with only 47 million. Yet Kim has posted over 22,000 tweets which is about three times more than Katy. Is there such a thing as too much tweeting? Has Kim deterred followers because she tweets too often?

Looking at tweet and engagement frequency, I can clearly see constant tweets from Kim and therefore a fairly constant engagement level from her followers. Our second ranked Twitterholic: Justin Bieber, had the most interesting follower engagement with huge spikes of interest occurring regularly.

The Bieb takes the cake for the highest level of follower engagement. A whooping 40% of his engagements are Beliebers retweeting his words of wisdom around the world. To put that into perspective, that is almost 50 million retweets in the last 12 months.

Now at this point, I should draw your attention back to Katy Perry, remember she is the most followed person in the world but notice that her tweet activity is fairly average compared to the likes Kim K and the Bieb. Her follower engagement frequency is also comparatively low with a mere 8 million engagements, 30% of those being retweets. So why do people follow her? My guess – her perfect recipe of a short and sweet tweet with a stunning photo and minimal use of hashtags and urls.

So here is my advice if you want to gain more followers and higher engagement levels like these Twitterholics:

1. Tweet length should be less than 30 words
2. Use a maximum of two hashtags
3. Attach images of your bikini body

If you’d like to do your own twittersphere analysis, try Yellowfin for yourself and see what you find.

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