DENSO transforms data platform, reaches 14,000 users with Yellowfin

DENSO transforms data platform, reaches 14,000 users with Yellowfin

Strategic use of data visualization and self-service BI capabilities reduces manual reporting, increases user adoption and delivers more efficient inventory management.

Melbourne, 08 February, 2021 - Yellowfin, the only analytics vendor that combines action-based dashboards, automated discovery and data storytelling, today announced DENSO, a world-leading automotive parts manufacturer, has significantly reduced complexity in its data utilization platform and increased user adoption of its analytics to more than three times its initial base - 14,000 active users - with the Yellowfin platform.

Operating in over 35 different countries and regions, DENSO develops core technologies across automatic driving, advanced safety and factory automation. It uses hundreds of distribution trucks to deliver its products, controlling the volume of each carefully.

DENSO has used Yellowfin since 2014 when it first identified its core operation system as too complex to maintain after 30 years of running and its once-per day data refreshment cycle to be insufficient for its users' growing data needs. But with over 7,600 programs needing to migrate, replacing its legacy systems with Yellowfin proved a challenge: “Listing all those programs was an easy task, but we could not judge which one was needed for our users’ operations, so we asked them to check each of them and move it into Yellowfin,” said Hironori Koda, IT Technology Application Section Manager at DENSO.

As the task was a highly manual process, only a small number of users had managed to move their programs. DENSO conducted surveys to better understand Yellowfin usage among its initial 1,700 users and held regular training sessions to engage with and educate its staff and invested time to identify other areas of the business Yellowfin could be leveraged to fulfil objectives, improve efficiency and increase user adoption overall.

With the help of Yellowfin regional partner NTT-TX, DENSO held consulting sessions to address issues its users faced during their daily operations and successfully fulfilled their various requests, resulting in significantly increased usage. The company has now increased adoption of Yellowfin to 14,000 active users, who are able to manage volume for daily distribution automatically rather than manually, improving efficiency and cost effective calculations: “I only recommend something I use myself to others, and more importantly, Yellowfin is so easy to use that even I can use it,” concludes Koda.

DENSO plans to create an enterprise data catalog for its users to curate the large amount of data still stored outside of Yellowfin, and to connect all their office and factory locations so it can continue to better utilize data throughout the entire enterprise.

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