Compare Yellowfin: Top BI and Analytics Platforms with G2 Reports

Compare Yellowfin: Top BI and Analytics Platforms with G2 Reports

It's been a tough few years due to the global pandemic, with much uncertainty across many organizations and industries. But this period has also seen businesses seize more opportunities, including solutions that help them respond faster to customer demands  - some with better business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions, as one example.

To help accomplish this, organizations today rely on independent business software and service comparisons. G2 is one such leading source for user ratings and peer-to-peer reviews, providing users a valued platform to highlight the best BI and analytics solution.


What is the G2 Grid Report?

The G2 Grid Report is an analysis of leading business software solutions based on their customer satisfaction ratings and market presence. It maps a solution vendor based on several data points within its customer-submitted G2 user reviews and user community, publicly available information and third-party sources (social networks, online sources).

The G2 Grid is designed to help businesses compare leading products and identify the best based on what peers have to say - and we're thrilled at the response for Yellowfin.



It's a huge accomplishment to receive recognition for delivering on product, partner and data requirements, and we're proud to share we've again been rated by G2 users as a High Performer and Leader in the Spring 2022 G2 Grid Reports for Analytics Platforms and Embedded BI - with some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in our field.

For more information, you can click each Grid report to access Yellowfin's G2 profile - and see what users had to say about our embedded analytics and BI suite for yourself.


Read the G2 Top Embedded BI and Analytics Platforms Comparison Reports 2022

In addition to the quarterly Grid reports which shows how we compare to all our competitors, the latest G2 Yellowfin Reviews for 2022 detail Yellowfin's user satisfaction ratings directly against our closest industry competitors. Below, you can access two new G2 vendor comparison reports, collating all user reviews (as of May 23, 2022) for Yellowfin and scoping its data across two categories:

1. Analytics Platform: Yellowfin vs Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and Qlikview (10 criteria, including Ease of Use, Quality of Support, and Customization) - read the full G2 analytics platform comparison report here.

2. Embedded Business Intelligence: Yellowfin vs Sisense, Logi Analytics and Looker (15 criteria, including Data Querying, Graphs and Charts, and Meeting Business Requirements) - read the full G2 embedded BI comparison report here.

G2 is one of the world’s leading independent business software review platforms, and all of its reviews, including those used in the quarterly comparison reports are decided by its users - to help you hear directly from other organizations how Yellowfin stacks up.


G2 Compare Top Embedded Analytics Platforms 2022 Yellowfin


How G2 defines its scoring for Analytics Platforms and Embedded BI

All products rated on the G2 Grid reports for Analytics Platforms and Embedded Analytics have received a minimum of 10 reviews and ratings in data gathered by March 01, 2022. These represent the voice of real software users, not just analysts.

Yellowfin has been ranked by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on market share, seller size, and social impact) and accordingly placed into one of four categories: Leader, High Performing, Contender and Niche Products.

In summary, this year, Yellowfin has been rated:

  • Leader in G2's 2022 Grid Reports for Analytics Platforms and Business Intelligence
  • Leader in G2's 2022 Grid Report for Embedded Business Intelligence
  • Leader in G2's 2022 Grid Report for Embedded Business Intelligence
  • Leader in G2's 2022 Small Business Grid Report for Analytics Platforms
  • Leader in G2's 2022 Small Business Grid Report for Embedded Business Intelligence
  • High Performer in the Asia Pacific Regional Grid Report for Analytics Platforms
  • High Performer in the Enterprise Grid Report for Business Intelligence


G2 Grid Report Leader Yellowfin BI 2022


A continuous journey to make analytics for all

There are a lot of criteria established to receive placement and recognition like this, but Yellowfin believe our continuous mission to create a sophisticated analytics platform that every user regardless of knowledge or skill can leverage easily, and our commitment to expanding from embedding BI to custom BI-led applications has been a key factor.

We are elated to have received such recognition from software users and strive to continue to deliver industry-leading analytics  that provides our customers the flexibility, functionality, and governance needed to create beautiful data experiences. Don't just take our word for it; try the Yellowfin business intelligence platform for yourself.

Read the G2 Grid Report: Top Embedded BI Platforms

See how real users rate embedding Yellowfin business intelligence into their applications vs Looker, Sisense and Logi Analytics.