How to Get the Data You Want, When You Want It with Automated BI

How to Get the Data You Want, When You Want It with Automated BI

Many of you are avid data consumers. You see the depth of value that data brings to your business and you carefully track the numbers. But you don’t have time to log into your BI solution every day.

You’re not a data analyst so you can’t afford to spend time out of your actual job checking the numbers ‘just in case’. If something changes, you need to know. But what if it changes when you’re not expecting it, when you’re not checking?

When stock dips below a certain level, they’ll need replenishing. When revenue goes above a set number, you want to know so you can celebrate the record month you’ve been busting a gut for.

You want to be alerted of very specific changes in the data in real-time, right?

Then there’s the just keeping an eye on things. You need to be able to report on your team’s performance and whether the department is on track to achieve their KPIs. You want stats daily and monthly so you can make sure everything is in check, adjust targets and output accordingly and encourage your team in their work.

What if you could get an email at a set time at regular intervals with all the analytics you required, straight from your BI tool?

The problem is, most BI products are set up predominantly for the analysts and developers. The focus is on giving them the fanciest tools to dig up the deepest data and create the most complex reports. But analysts and data scientists are not the only users of a BI solution. You need clear, proactive reports that enable you to act immediately, not react much later.


You need some automation


Data is imperative to your business decision-making. That’s why, at Yellowfin, we focus on developing a tool that takes a holistic approach to BI in business. BI is only useful if it answers real business problems and drives commerce forward.

In response, we’ve made it possible for you to build your own tailored reporting experience.


Set up broadcasts

You can send and receive broadcasts of the data you need as frequently as you want it. Keep everyone up-to-date on the daily, weekly or monthly results of the data with automatic broadcasts. Just choose the live dashboards or reports you want to distribute, select the frequency of the broadcast, and set it to automatically send at your predefined times.


Subscribe to streams

You can also subscribe to the reports, dashboards and discussion streams that you want to keep on top of. Get the subscription notifications delivered by email and directly to your Yellowfin timeline so you keep up-to-date on the daily activity.


Receive alerts

But what about those times when you need alerting of your data falling outside of predefined thresholds? Sometimes, with large amounts of data to check, it gets difficult to identify critical changes in your data as they occur. That’s where Yellowfin’s trigger-based Alerts come in. Get instant notifications the moment key metrics fall outside predefined thresholds.

Stock below a certain number? It’ll alert you. Email open rates lower than usual? You’ll be notified. Sales passed your target? It’ll let you know.


Send smart tasks

But what if you could go one step further? What if you could set the alert to trigger a task? For instance, stock has dipped below your threshold so you need to restock. It would be amazing if as soon as that threshold alert was triggered the stock manager was automatically sent a task alert to restock that item. Well, it’s possible. We call it Smart Tasks.


Freeing you up to do the important things


With your tailored reporting experience, you no longer need to spend hours a week in the BI tool sifting through all the reports just to check everything is as it should be. You are sent reports and dashboards as you need them, you keep on top of the latest discussions through your subscription notifications, and you receive alerts on predefined thresholds that trigger tasks automatically. Now, your BI tool is automatically delivering everything you need to your fingertips, exactly when you need it.

Now, you’re free to do the things you’re paid to do. You don’t need to add hours to your working week just to get solid data with Yellowfin.


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