Launching our new Yellowfin logo and branding

Launching our new Yellowfin logo and branding

Yellowfin has grown organically over recent years and we’ve now become a substantial global organization. Over the last 18 months in particular, we’ve really matured as a business. We’ve hired some fantastic people externally who have a depth of experience that has helped move our organization forward dramatically.



As an organization today, we didn’t believe that our Yellowfin branding of the past really reflects who we are today and who we want to be in the future. We’ve completely refreshed our organization, and now part of that process is giving our brand new life and energy that will take us into the future.

That’s why one of our key strategic initiatives for 2018 is to launch a new Yellowfin brand. It’s time for our brand to reflect how our business has grown and where we’re heading.

We’re getting people to the ‘why’ quicker

Our old brand is an important part of our history, so some elements of it will remain. Our new brand font echoes our previous one and the name Yellowfin will still be an important part of our logo.

With the new brand we wanted to reflect what we do well for our customers –  we’re exceptionally good in terms of speed of delivery and we help people get insights from their BI quickly. From rapid implementations to automated insights, everything we do is about helping our customers get to the ‘why’ faster. So we’ve taken that why and made it the centrepiece of our brand.

We’ve emphasised the ‘Y’ in Yellowfin to reflect how central the ‘why’ is to our brand. It’s a play on words that’s designed to help people understand that we’re there to help them get to the why in their business.  

The ‘Y” will be the icon that we use as a standalone image, and it can also be used alongside the Yellowfin name as a whole.

We’re launching our new branding as we speak. You’ll soon see it everywhere – it’s on our website, collateral and our business cards. Moving forward, it will also come through in our next release and impact the look and feel of the entire product.

This project was led and delivered by our own people. Chris Benham, our CMO, and Mylo Norman, our graphic designer, have worked tirelessly on the project. They also received some external feedback and insight that helped finalise the design. The whole team put in a fantastic effort and I want to congratulate them for a great job.