My number 1 job interview question

My number 1 job interview question

When most people have a job interview they assume that their work experience is the most important thing they bring to the table. But I’m more interested in the person. I can find out about a person’s capabilities by reading their CV and LinkedIn profile but I want to know what really drives and motivates them as an individual.

I have my favorite interview question ready to find out what makes them tick.

When interviewing people, I always ask what gets them up in the morning. It’s a really interesting question because most people are hesitant to talk about themselves at a deeper level. They don't want to tell me about their personal life, their hobbies, and the things that really excite them.

This question gives me a taste of who the individual is and what they’re passionate about. It doesn’t matter what they’re into as long as they’re passionate about it. Over the years, I’ve heard so many different answers. Some people love wine, others love outdoor activities, some love to renovate houses and others love guns. I could talk to someone for hours about any topic if they exude a passion about it.

At a base skill set level, what someone is passionate about is irrelevant to their job. But how they approach their passion is relevant. Someone may approach their hobby in a really systematic fashion - if they're a developer and they bring that same level of thoughtfulness to their work then that’s important to know. I think people who are passionate about something are great contributors. They bring that passion into their work environment.

If someone can’t answer the question or doesn’t have a life outside of work it also tells me that they’re probably not going to be a great fit for our organization. I believe it’s important for people to have something that motivates and interests them outside of work. It gives them a different perspective or new ways to solve problems that they can then bring to their work.

Asking people why they get out of bed in the morning helps me assess a person’s potential role in the organization, how they may behave in the workplace and whether they would be a good fit. I believe having a passion outside of work is a really important indicator of someone’s future success here at Yellowfin.

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