Public Sector organisations can now find Yellowfin on G-Cloud 10

Public Sector organisations can now find Yellowfin on G-Cloud 10

We’re delighted that Yellowfin has been awarded a place on the public sector’s G-Cloud 10 (G10) framework, which enables us to supply British public sector organisations with the Yellowfin platform more easily.

The much anticipated 10th iteration of the framework, created by the Government Digital Service (GDS) in collaboration with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), went live on 3rd July 2018. Its ongoing evolution continues to make it easy for the government to procure Cloud services. Opening the framework up to a further 649 suppliers following the last round of applications has made it faster and cheaper for the public sector to buy Cloud services from the 3,505 accredited suppliers now on G-Cloud 10.

Opening up Public Sector Procurement


So far, nearly £3 billion has been spent through the G-Cloud, with 48% of that spend going to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This year, the volume of transactions is set to significantly increase from last year.

With pre-determined contracts in place, the G-Cloud eliminates the need for buyers to go through a full tender process for each buyer. G-Cloud 10 also allows public sector organisations to replicate the successes of other departments, resulting in the delivery of effective and consistent services.

To date, Yellowfin has had great success with public sector clients, including NHS Trusts and universities, and we have started to see a lot of interest from both local and central government. As a result, it made perfect sense to apply for a place on this year’s G-Cloud.

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A Hub of Innovation & Progress


G-Cloud 10 has opened the marketplace to SMEs, providing a level playing field that fosters innovation and success. In fact, the Minister for Implementation, Oliver Dowden, talks about the Government Digital Service (GDS) as an “innovation incubator”. He said at a recent GDS Sprint conference, “We should be supporting our SMEs because they’re such a vital part of the economy…delivering innovative solutions in partnership with the public sector, fuelling economic growth and supporting the delivery of efficient, effective public services that meet the needs of citizens.”

Innovation is always close to our hearts at Yellowfin. Over the years, we have learned that just having the features on the platform doesn’t always translate to a successful Business Intelligence implementation. This is why we have invested heavily in making our platform sticky. We use Machine Learning algorithms and Natural Language to surface insights faster and more intuitively, collaboration features to drive up usage, and automation to remove the repetitive work, which gives data analysts more time to focus on contextual analysis.

Discover the Why in BI

Our hard work has paid off having been ranked among the Top 5 analytics platforms in Gartner’s 2018 Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. We finished in first place in the all-important “Publish, Share, and Collaborate” category, and came first in the “Self-service Data Preparation” category, and collected a total of seven “Excellent” to “Outstanding” ratings in various categories.

Yellowfin EMEA is super excited to be an integral part of the public-sector hub of innovation through our presence on G-Cloud 10. Our platform has been specially designed to solve the real day-to-day analytics challenges of real businesses and organisations. What sets us apart from other BI solution providers is that Yellowfin enables you to understand not just what is happening in your organisation, but also why.

Insights-Driven Public Services


Whether you are interested in optimising your assets, monitoring performance, or becoming more insights-driven, Yellowfin can support your data journey. Find out more about our G-Cloud offering and request your free trial today.