We made it easy to create the Salesforce reports you need

Putting the latest Salesforce data at your fingertips lets you make better decisions. You can make direct connections between activities and sales numbers.  The problem for most companies is getting it all in one place, or at least in a format that is easy to compare apples to apples (even when you’re looking at apples, oranges, and cherries).

Today most people send an email to the BI team and wait for their report. More advanced companies can see into their own Salesforce data, but have to request the reports for other data. In most cases hours are spent gathering information and generating reports – sometimes by a data analyst, often by somebody in the line-of-business team.

Using our Yellowfin Connector, line-of-business teams can add Salesforce reports and dashboards in as little as three steps. Best of all, they can do this all by themselves, with no help needed from IT, data analysts, or the BI team.



Our pre-built Salesforce dashboard includes: Leads, Opportunities, Sales, Pipeline by Stage, Revenue, Average Order Value, and Average Length of Sale. With Yellowfin, teams have the ability to share data with colleagues where their data lives.

We also make every Salesforce fields available, so you can create custom reports and personalize your Salesforce dashboard, or dig into the data down to the customer fields as you need.

You can combine Salesforce content into you own reports and dashboards, blending it with other pertinent corporate data from other sources, such as personnel data, inventory databases, Google Analytics, and support solutions like Zendesk. The ability to access all of the relevant data you need in one place without having to login to specific applications gives you the ability to have data-driven answers at your fingertips instantly.



Salesforce is just one of many web connectors available for Yellowfin business intelligence solutions. Others include Google Analytics, MailChimp, Google Sheets, Zendesk, and several social media platforms. Yellowfin is constantly rolling out new and improved connectors and pre-built content all the time. Check the Yellowfin Marketplace for the latest connectors.


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