Thanksgiving analytics: Steer clear of Turducken this year

Reporting and analytics can be used to explore and analyse data, revealing insights that drive progress in important fields like healthcare, education and farming.

Or, it can be applied to less noble (but fun!) causes, such as predicting what we’re likely to wear on Halloween, Jon Snow’s much anticipated return in Game of Thrones, and what we’ll probably eat for Thanksgiving. This blog pursues the latter of those options.

And, while we can’t eat data, we can use it to understand what’s making our collective mouths water with anticipation of Thursday’s feast.

Below, Yellowfin consultants Tyler McGraw and Matt Wilson used our new Content Creation Canvas – to be released as part of Yellowfin’s new analytics platform, Yellowfin 7.3, this Friday – to confirm a delicate home-truth we’ve all suspected for some time. When it comes to Turducken this Thanksgiving – a turkey stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken; just say no. It’s simply unnatural. And, the data proves we all hold that truth to be self-evident (apart from Matt…).

Looking to boost your Business Intelligence and analytics user adoption? Let Tyler and Matt show you how, with a step-by-step video guide to making immersive infographic-style data visualizations and dashboards with Yellowfin 7.3 (see below).

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