Training Webinar recording: Connectors in Yellowfin 7.2 – view it now!

July’s series of training Webinars – Connectors in Yellowfin 7.2 – explored Yellowfin’s new ‘open’ connector framework and demonstrated how to set-up and utilize a selection of its out-of-the-box API connectors.

Webinar recording: Connectors in Yellowfin 7.2

What will you learn?

Watch this training Webinar recording, Connectors in Yellowfin 7.2, to discover how to create, share and act on analytical insights from your most important third-party Web apps:

  • Pre-built connectors: Yellowfin 7.2 ships with a range of out‐of‐the‐box API connectors, enabling you to quickly uncover analytical insights from popular third‐party Web applications. Yellowfin’s API connectors ensure all your insights are accessible from one place – inside Yellowfin.
  • Pre-built content: Yellowfin 7.2 ships with pre-built best practice reports and dashboards for its range of out-of-the-box connectors. Simply connect to your favorite Web applications to gain instant insights. Or, easily explore and create your own custom insights and dashboards.
  • Open connector framework: Yellowfin’s ‘open’ connector framework means it’s simple to build your own custom connectors for any third-party Web application. Then create, visualize and act on your analytical insights in Yellowfin.


If you have any questions about what was demonstrated during this Webinar session, please contact: