Training Webinar recording: Exploring Yellowfin 7.3 – view it now!

Yellowfin training Webinar


This series of training Webinars – Exploring Yellowfin 7.3 – investigated how to use the core new features introduced in the latest version of Yellowfin, Yellowfin 7.3.


Webinar recording: Exploring Yellowfin 7.3


What will you learn?

Watch this training Webinar recording to learn how to utilize Yellowfin’s:

Data Preparation Module: Be empowered to integrate, and then act on, more data sources in less time with Yellowfin’s built-in Data Preparation Module

Set Analysis: Quickly create comparative visualizations in a few simple steps using Yellowfin’s Set Analysis function

New Content Creation Canvas: Quickly create code-free customized analytical content and infographics with Yellowfin’s overhauled Content Creation Canvas

New API connectors: Discover how Yellowfin 7.3’s range of API connectors and pre-built dashboards help you get the most from your favorite third-party Web apps



If you have any questions about what was demonstrated during this Webinar session, please contact: