What’s in Yellowfin’s next release

What’s in Yellowfin’s next release

The next Yellowfin release is absolutely huge. We’ve focused on the experience of data consumers within organizations with three new features - code mode for dashboards, Present and our new mobile app. 

A whole new dashboard experience

The biggest change in this release is our dashboards. We’ve completely rewritten them from the ground up and have added code mode. Now code mode may not sound like it’s focused on the business user but it is. Code mode gives you the ability to build the very best experience for your end-users and build actions into your dashboards. 

Code Mode

While you can still build a basic dashboard like you can today, what's fundamentally different is that you will be able to code directly into Yellowfin. So if you want to do something really advanced and create an experience that’s unlike anything else out there you'll be able to do that. It follows the paradigm of low code products where it doesn't take a lot of effort to enhance something. So you can build it partially with a GUI and then you use code to really augment the interactions that you can have with your dashboard. These interactions mean you’ll be able to write to other web-based applications as well. 

For example, a user could log into a dashboard that shows them which customers haven't purchased for the last 90 days. They'll then be able to click a button within the dashboard and automatically ring each customer via RingCentral. At the end of the call, they can fill out a form that automatically updates Salesforce and their order records as well. This brings real action into dashboards which is pretty profound. 

While you need to be a coder to use code mode, most enterprise customers and software vendors have developers in-house. For a business user, it means they don’t have any limitations on what they can do with their dashboard, they can let their imagination run wild. They just need to ask their dev team to do it for them.  

While some of our competitors allow some form of code mode, you often have to do it in their scripting language. But with Yellowfin you can work in your favorite language or framework and use all the features and functionality that come with our platform. 

Present your data

In this release, we also launch Yellowfin Present. This is like PowerPoint or Keynote, but it’s built into Yellowfin. It augments the data storytelling component of Yellowfin that we created with Stories. When we launched Stories, we found that some people were quite comfortable writing words while others prefer to tell data stories using presentations. So by adding Present we give business users another way to tell terrific data stories. 

Present actually replaces another product, Storyboard, and takes the functionality further by giving people more design flexibility. We also help people to use the design functionality wisely by building in better defaults. For example, we’ve refined the colors and axis for charts so the out of the box experience is pretty.

Present has been designed as a standalone. This means you can add content from multiple datasets and third-party vendors. It’s been designed to be a functional piece that's end to end, much like Stories is. 

A brand new mobile BI app

We also recently launched our mobile app which is part of this release too. Our mobile app is integral to the business user’s experience of Yellowfin. It incorporates the best experience you can have for real-time analytics and notifications delivered directly to your phone. This means people can get Stories and Signals in the palm of their hands. 

Some customers have already been using the next release in beta mode and their feedback has been really exciting. I don’t think there's a product on the market like Yellowfin. The next release of Yellowfin will launch in November. 

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