Why we should have seen Super Bowl LI coming, according to analytics

For many of us, the 2017 NFL Super Bowl was one of those truly surreal moments.

During Super Bowl LI, it seemed that script writers were at work behind the scenes, delivering a stranger-than-fiction storyline.

In the immediate aftermath of the game, which floored pundits and punters alike, we applied Business Intelligence software and data visualization tools to reveal exactly how Tom Brady orchestrated the biggest Super Bowl comeback of all time.  Check it out HERE >

And, while this analysis went some way to explaining the events of Super Bowl LI, Yellowfin data analysts Tyler McGraw and Nathan Shroeder decided to dig deeper, posing the question: Should we have seen this epically close contest coming?

Watch Tyler and Nathan’s video blog, which assesses the full season statistics on The Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots and then compares them to discover why the clash turned out like it did.

Tyler and Nathan look at how the distribution of each franchise’s salary cap across their rosters impacted performance and playing style.  See which key players performed at their level, dropped-off, or exceeded expectations compared to season averages.  They also examine whether Tom Brady’s MVP Super Bowl performance should be credited with the Patriots’ outrageous overtime win.