Yellowfin achieves record sales and monthly growth in April (+60%)

Welcome to our latest Yellowfin monthly update. April was one of the best months we’ve ever had at Yellowfin and I’m excited to share what we achieved.

Monster month (+60%)

We set a number of Yellowfin records in April:

  • Biggest month ever
  • Biggest deal ever
  • Most deals ever in a month


Even taking the one particularly large deal out of the equation, we still would have had our biggest month on record.

Compared to our previous biggest month we grew by about 60% in April. This is a fantastic outcome for the sales team and a great validation of our product.


We grew employees by nearly 10% in April

Supporting this growth, we grew the global team by nearly 10% over April.

A lot of this hiring was in the development team, building out a much bigger Quality Assurance (QA) team. We also added a few more consultants to support client growth, as well as some sales folk and a technical writer for the marketing team.


My favourite deal: National Suicide Line

We had a lot of deals to choose from in April! One deal in particular that stands out for me is National Suicide Line.  

It wasn’t our biggest deal, but it’s always great to see analytics contributing to the health and welfare of society. In addition I think this deployment really illustrates how well Yellowfin can support a vast array of very different use cases and type of organisations.


The launch of Yellowfin 7.3+

During April we had the marketing launch of Yellowfin 7.3+. To quickly recap, the main features in this release are around governance and JavaScript charting functionality.

Over this month we’ve had great feedback around 7.3+, particularly focused on the JavaScript charting functionality. It’s now very easy to plug any charting library into Yellowfin and use this to create custom visualisations. Even though it’s a very developer centric feature this has generated a lot of excitement from our community. I’ll look to highlight some of the innovative ways our developer community are putting this feature to work in upcoming updates.


Welcoming Brad Scarf

Finally, I’m very excited to have Brad Scarf joining us. Brad and I worked together about fifteen years ago at NAB, on a data warehouse project. He’s coming on to look at the intersection between our product strategy and organizational strategy, to make sure everything is aligned and on track to support our ongoing growth.

Brad’s a tech rock star, especially in the BI space. He brings extensive expertise in the technology of analytics – what enterprises are looking for in terms of solutions that they’re trying to build and deliver internally. I’m really excited to have Brad join the team.


That’s all for this month

It’s been a very exciting month. We’re now working away to maintain this momentum through May and into the end of the financial year! See you next month.