Yellowfin shapes the future of embedded BI with new release

Yellowfin shapes the future of embedded BI with new release

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Melbourne, 15 October, 2020 - Yellowfin, a world-leading and innovative analytics vendor, has today released version 9.3 with capabilities that transform how product teams approach embedded BI and analytical app development. Find the full feature list here:

Yellowfin has further extended its developer capabilities within the integrated platform, so developers can flexibly combine any analytics capability to create their desired analytics experience with minimum effort. Plus, the accessibility and openness of Yellowfin components allow product teams to embed advanced analytics directly into their application’s core workflows.

The release continues to build on Yellowfin’s core strengths,” said Brad Scarff, CTO of Yellowfin. “We strengthened our dashboard building capability further - providing simple yet powerful design capabilities to assist designers in building visually stunning analytic content. We are offering an even broader range of API capabilities to empower software companies and enterprises alike to build truly contextualized embedded analytics experiences - including the ability to seamlessly incorporate automated insights and data storytelling into the embedded experience.

A leader in the embedded BI space, Yellowfin’s innovations continue to bring analytics closer to business processes and decision-making.

Three key areas of enhancement in Yellowfin 9.3 are:

  • JavaScript API now includes support for Assisted Insights, Drill Throughs and Exports, giving product teams greater integrated access to automated analysis and new data interactions on embedded content. Developers can also use the JavaScript API to toggle every dashboard interaction and assemble the best analytics experience for the consumer.
  • REST API is now enhanced with more administrative endpoints for automated processes around user, tenant and data source management. Importantly, the REST API improvements also enable administrators to manage clustered upgrades and multi-language deployments with zero-downtime.
  • Dashboards and Presentations now include refreshed Text and Image Widgets, and a brand new Image Manager. This enables designers and builders to create design-led analytic content in a simpler, faster and more intuitive way.

Yellowfin 9.3

Yellowfin has packed many more upgrades into the 9.3 release that improve the analytics experience for all users. To see how Yellowfin 9.3 can transform your organization's embedded BI and analytics application development, speak to a Yellowfin representative from your region - or book a demo today.

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