Development Update: User Timeline

Yellowfin 6.2 has been available for a couple of months now, and we are already hard at work on the next major release. One of the new features we are working on is a new User Timeline, which will bring together all the information that is relevant to you. This is a one-stop page where you will be notified of newly created reports, dashboards and storyboards, changes to content that you are interested in, comments made by other users, and activity that you have undertaken. If someone shares a dashboard tab with you, you’ll get a notification on your timeline. If you submit a report for approval, you’ll get a notification on your timeline (and another one when the report is approved or rejected). People can even send you personal messages that will show up on your timeline.

The User Timeline is part of a broader feature set that puts Yellowfin at the forefront of Collaborative BI. The next release will also include a powerful new interface to connect to other users, sharing information and ideas, as well as revamped Discussion Groups. Stay tuned for more!