Yellowfin accelerates the development of analytical applications with new release

Yellowfin accelerates the development of analytical applications with new release

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Version 9.2 opens up all-new possibilities in Embedded BI and Analytical App development 

Melbourne, 16 June, 2020 - Yellowfin, a world-leading and innovative analytics vendor, has today released version 9.2 with capabilities that transform embedded BI and analytical app development. Find the full feature list here:

Yellowfin has further enhanced its integrated set of embedded tools so developers can create compelling embedded analytics experiences for their customers with a minimum amount of effort and coding. Plus, the Yellowfin components are fully extensible and can be tailored to meet developers’ needs. Yellowfin is accelerating the full analytics development lifecycle.

“Yellowfin has always been designed from the ground up to support software companies that want to embed modern analytics capabilities. We haven’t tacked this capability onto our stack, it’s in our DNA,” said Brad Scarff, CTO of Yellowfin. “With version 9, we delivered unparalleled capabilities to our software company clients – stunning, action-oriented dashboards, truly automated insight discovery, engaging data storytelling, and collaboration, all backed with sound governance and security and the features needed to bring your embedded solution to market. The 9.2 release raises the bar again.”

Already an established name in the embedded BI space, Yellowfin’s innovations continue to open up new opportunities for developers to build capabilities into their dashboards and analytical applications they never thought possible.

Three key areas of enhancement in Yellowfin 9.2 are:

  • JavaScript API - a completely refreshed API library which enables developers to customize front-end Yellowfin content in new ways and integrate them anywhere. Developers can also use the same JavaScript API to develop and extend dashboard functionality within Dashboard Code Mode, giving them granular programmatic access to both dashboard objects and object states. This combination rapidly opens new ways to create tailored analytical experiences. 
  • The new REST API makes its debut in 9.2, providing support for administrators that want to automate back-end processes, perform administrative tasks, and manage content programmatically. Importantly, the REST API also provides access to Yellowfin content for developers, enabling them to build custom, turn-key experiences incorporating Yellowfin Signals, Stories, Notifications, and more.
  • Step Change Signals have been added to Yellowfin Signals, which employs advanced capability that automatically identifies critical changes in your data and surfaces those changes to users so they do not miss a thing. Step Change Signals is a new addition to the vast algorithm library and expands the coverage of possible insight discovery. This enables users to receive relevant signals around fundamental and enduring shifts in their critical metrics.


Yellowfin has packed more upgrades into the 9.2 release including upgrades to Dashboards and Present capabilities and many other enhancements that improve the user experience. For a full list, visit

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