Analysts recognize new version of Yellowfin as “where BI should be headed”

Analysts recognize new version of Yellowfin as “where BI should be headed”


Yellowfin 7.3+ delivers Javascript charting plus data governance features

Melbourne, Australia, Thursday, 1 June – Yellowfin, the Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor dedicated to making BI work for everybody, launched the newest version of its software, Yellowfin 7.3+. The new release makes it easier for IT and data analysts to deliver governed, trustworthy data so business users can make keen business insights.

Yellowfin 7.3+ is amazingly intuitive for business users while still allowing developers the flexibility to create dynamic visualizations. This is truly where BI should be headed,” said analyst Whitney Lepore.

Lepore continued, “Yellowfin has officially entered the realm of developer-friendly BI tools with this release. Javascript charts are a game changer for anyone meeting the needs of a wide client base.” In Yellowfin 7.3+ there are endless options for visualization, as well as other new features such as conditional widgets, third-party integrations, and upgraded governance that make Yellowfin BI work for the whole business.

Said Steve Remington, principal consultant and founder, Minerra, “The new Yellowfin View Approval Workflow in version 7.3+ ensures that any changes to business rules stored in the Yellowfin View can only be released by approved people. This level of governance increases the confidence users have in data used to support their decision making and reduces the chance of the available data being ignored.


Yellowfin 7.3+ offers several data governance improvements. Highlights include:

  • Better Data Governance: Know that the right people can always access accurate insights at the right time with Yellowfin’s new View Approval Process and Change Management Modules.
  • Unlimited Charting Options: Experience fresh and near limitless data visualization options with Conditional Canvas Widgets; new meter, dial, and gauge charts; as well as integration with JavaScript charting libraries.
  • More Data Source Connections: Easily
 add, access, and act on your most important information assets in a single analytics platform with Yellowfin’s new range of data source connections.


Said Edgar Kautzner, managing consultant, Minerra, “We’re very excited about the new JSON connector in Yellowfin 7.3+. It has opened up endless possibilities for us to help our clients to easily integrate their internal data with external data sources. By adding rich external information to existing internal data allows business decisions to be made with knowledge of the full business context.”


Yellowfin 7.3+ delivers trustworthy, governed data with incredible flexibility to deliver insightful and powerful charts and reports. This makes it easier and more compelling to abandon the old self-service desktop-analytics approach of making spreadsheets look pretty. “We’re not in the surface-level, beauty-pageant contest of desktop analytics,” said CEO Glen Rabie of Yellowfin. “We’re in the business of helping entire organizations get data they trust. With Yellowfin BI 7.3+, we deliver that trustworthy data combined with powerful ways to visualize it to drive their better decisions.”

Added Abhijeet Teli, product developer for BMC, “The overall value addition of Yellowfin 7.3+ is just awesome and JavaScript charting will take Yellowfin to the next level.”.


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