Beautifully simple: Yellowfin Brand Guidelines 2022

Beautifully simple: Yellowfin Brand Guidelines 2022

Fishies, say hello to the new Yellowfin Brand, and Brand Guidelines.

You can download a copy here.

Now, we shouldn’t actually say ‘brand new’ because the logo and some of the elements are a progression from what is currently our brand. But, as you have heard us say many times, our brand is not just the logo, fonts and colors.

The Yellowfin brand encompasses the reason we do what we do, and it sits behind why we develop the products we develop. It’s why we code what we code. Why we, unlike our competitors, have placed an importance on design, and why our continual focus is on the problems and needs of the business user, and not just the analyst.

Many of the words will be familiar; they've got us to where we are now, but never before has it been as clearly articulated and applied across all parts of our product and business.

This is our brand, and this is what it means to be part of Yellowfin - whether as a team member, customer or partner.


Why are we here?

To understand our brand, it’s worth going back to our belief and what the promise of analytics and business intelligence (BI) was in the first place.

The idea was if people knew what was happening with their data, they would make better decisions. The problem is most analytics and BI platforms don’t do ‘what’s on the box’. They only talk to the analyst, are hard to use, require specialist training, and most of the time look terrible.

On top of this, our customers' data problems are really, really complex.

For this reason, adoption of products in our category is low and most companies, despite significant investment in data technology and people, are no closer to being data-led than they were years ago. We acknowledge this, and continually look for ways to overcome this fundamental issue.

It’s why we created Yellowfin Story and Present.

It’s why our Dashboards are smarter, more flexible and better looking than any one else's.

It’s why we developed Signals, and made the discovery of insights automated.

It's why our platform is developer friendly and easy to white-label and embed.

And it’s why we have just launched Guided Natural Language Query (Guided NLQ).

For the most part, business users do not need training. They do not need to become experts in data analysis. They can keep doing what they are doing, but can make data part of their daily workflows and processes. What’s even crazier is they don’t even need to log in, with our automated business monitoring.


Why Yellowfin?

Hand on heart, we can say we have all the pieces required to solve the complex data problems sophisticated businesses face, with the only enterprise, integrated analytics platform that successfully combines action-based dashboards, automation, data storytelling, data discovery and collaboration that end users will find simple to use, allowing more people to see, understand and do more with their data.

To put it simply, Yellowfin is Data Complexity Made Beautifully Simple.

That is our brand, our ‘why’, our purpose. That is how we turn complex data into useful answers for more people than our competitors. That’s hopefully what helps you work out why you work at Yellowfin. What sits behind our key product and business decisions. And that is what you say next time someone asks “what is Yellowfin and why is it better?”

We have created the Brand Guidelines to help ensure it’s as easy as possible to get the colours, fonts and visual aspects of our brand right. You can download a copy here.

Overall, we have cleaned up and simplified the logo to make it clearer and easier to reproduce on non-digital applications such as signage. The change to the logo is so subtle, for now we don't have to change the signage on any of our global offices so the CFO is pretty happy. We've refined the colour palette across applications from brand, product design and data visualization and we have created a whole range of new graphic elements from icons to illustrations for you to use and hopefully not abuse. 



But the true essence of our brand is bigger than a few pages in a brand guide, and touches every single person at Yellowfin. It affects what we do, don’t do, how we sell, our contracts, how we help our customers... the list goes on. Get that right, and the brand and design team will be (mostly) happy.


Finally, kudos to the brand, design and content team for their work putting the Guidelines together.

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