Looking back on 2020: Yellowfin’s amazing year

Looking back on 2020: Yellowfin's amazing year

2020 has been an amazing year for Yellowfin. Of course, there was COVID-19, which impacted our personal and professional lives, but we did our best to ensure the adverse conditions did not affect our people, product and performance.

The year started out with a bang, with Yellowfin being recognized in the visionary quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in January. It was a huge highlight to be recognized for our many innovations, and from there we continued to achieve.

Sales and Marketing Accelerated Expansion

From a sales perspective, we brought in new heads in the UK, Australia and North America and have leveraged our growth and increased momentum in the need for data and analytics software with a number of high-profile hires in all regions.

Our sales teams have done a fantastic job winning more deals and our conversion rates have gone up dramatically. That’s because we've put into place new methodologies and processes that have had a material impact on our sales and the kind of deals we’re doing.

We also revamped our marketing team. They’ve done a significant piece of work around our branding and the way we represent ourselves in the market, which will launch very soon. We’ve also done a lot around customer tiering and profiles, and there was of course some fabulous work around women in data.

The 'Meet the Yellowfin girls' campaign was a highlight for me because it showcased our people. It highlighted our ability to bring diverse people into our organization, which really talks to our culture - it’s inclusive, ideas are respected and we have people who are passionate about what they do.

Yellowfin 9 and Beyond

On the product side, we delivered several releases for Yellowfin 9 and the product has got a lot of traction in the market as a result.

Our dev team have been refining and improving what is already a great product and we also have a strong pipeline of new ideas planned for next year.

At the heart of it all, is a 90 day planning process that we’ve implemented for projects and deliverables. It's really been something that's made a material difference to the business, we can execute faster and this has underpinned our strength this year. 

Final Thoughts

Considering the adverse conditions, Yellowfin has had great growth and achieved so much this year. I’m delighted with our team, the expertise and talent that we have in the organization is just phenomenal. Through the adversity, so many people stepped up, became far more autonomous and did a great job.

From my perspective, I just want to say a massive thanks to the entire team. I know this year has been hard, but everyone has contributed in a significant way. I’m so proud of what we have all achieved together. Thank you. 

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