Supreme Software and Expert’s Choice – the FinancesOnline Awards for Yellowfin analytics

Supreme Software and Expert’s Choice - the FinancesOnline Awards for Yellowfin analytics

Awards are great. They’re a little piece of recognition for all the work you’ve put into something.

Whether it’s a big name attached to the award, like Gartner or BARC, or a lesser-known name, every award says something about the business given it. And Yellowfin was just awarded three by FinancesOnline - the Supreme Software award, Expert’s Choice award, and the Great User Experience certificate.

So what do they say about this organization?

Serving you first

First, the Supreme Software award is given only to “top B2B products and represents the highest possible level of service”. Vendors that win the award have extensive industry knowledge of the industry they’re selling into. For you, that means we really know what is available in the market and know where Yellowfin fits, so we can quickly tell you whether Yellowfin is the right choice for you, or not.

Real answers to your real analytics problems - no gimmicks

The Expert’s Choice award is given to vendors who create solutions that meet real market needs. And at Yellowfin, we pride ourselves on providing answers to the problems your analysts, execs, business users, and dev team face when it comes to BI and analytics. Whether we’re pioneering automated insights or creating the easiest and most collaborative ways for sharing insights, you’re at the heart of what we build. 

A key issue in analytics is end business users not looking at their dashboards enough. This is due to the fact that the metrics are aggregated and so little seems to change. We fixed that issue with automated data discovery that alerts the user whenever something significant has changed in the data that would be of interest to them.

And your issue of what to do next with the insights you find - Yellowfin has a solution for that too. With the ability to insert action buttons and forms into the dashboards, you and your business can take action without leaving the dashboard. You can order the extra stock, add budget, or update the CRM at a click.

Your standout user experience

And finally, the Great User Experience certificate is given to vendors who “offer especially good user experience”. User experience has been our central focus of Yellowfin v9 - our latest and greatest ever release. From intuitive analytics on an app to dashboard code mode and collaborative data storytelling, everything has had a refresh. As a user of Yellowfin, you want a modern and intuitive experience as you build and consume dashboards and reports. 

If you are embedding analytics into your own software product, user experience is critical. You need a seamless flow for your end users as they go between the analytics embedded in your software and the rest of your application. A great experience sets you apart in the software world and engages your users. That’s why Yellowfin has such a focus on creating a great user experience complete with customisable design.

You can find out more about Yellowfin's full suite of analytics capabilities and how they can accelerate your business' optimization on the Yellowfin Suite page. Or contact us to find out more. 

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