This year has been a game changer for Yellowfin

This year has been a game changer for Yellowfin

The launch of Signals has been a complete game-changer for us this year. Yellowfin is doing something completely unique in the marketplace and we’re winning some great deals because of it. 

Our focus has been on client education

Signals is an automated data discovery product that delivers alerts to users about critical changes in their business. It’s not about dashboards - this is a completely different way of consuming analytics. Because this space is so new, we’ve realized that we need to do a lot of education around Signals and automation.

Because our product is different and unique in the market, people can’t compare apples with apples. So, over the past six months, we've been educating our customer base and prospects on what Signals does and how it can help them to transform their business. 

Most people still come to us wanting dashboards - and we can give them that - but we can also show them where else they can take our product now and in the future. We’ve also had to re-educate our own staff because what we're doing is so different from what we’ve done before.

That’s been a really big and exciting challenge but we’ve learned a lot and we're now seeing the impact that's having. When people see it, they realize how simple Signals is and how well it can work for their organization. It automates the analytic process and delivers it in a user interface that's friendly and consumable.

Our deal size is growing

From a sales perspective, we've been doing some fantastic deals off the back of Signals.  For example, one of our large Japan manufacturing customers in the automotive space. They see Signals as something that could radically change the way they consume analytics and deliver insights more rapidly to their audience.

We’re also helping the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the US achieve a data-driven culture. They’re using Signals to help their employees understand their data changes more quickly. This is a multi-server deal with tens of thousands of users. 

Our embedded business has also been going well, particularly in the US and the UK. We’ve done many deals this year, like Datex, who operate in the UK health sector. Our platform is helping them to deliver all their data from disparate systems as a single interface. So that’s quite exciting and it's great to be working with a company that's growing as quickly as Datex.

We’re now getting significant traction around Signals and that’s increasing our growth and average deal size. This is reinforced by what we’re hearing from analysts. Everyone from Eckerson to EMA to Nucleus Research says that what we’re doing to automate the analytic process is ground-breaking. It makes me excited about where we’re planning on taking Yellowfin in the next six months.