An update on Yellowfin Version 8 and 9 Support

An update on Yellowfin Version 8 and 9 Support

Yellowfin will extend support for Version 9 until 2024, and discontinue support for Version 8 on December 31, 2022.

Keeping your Yellowfin instances up to date with the latest release has lots of benefits.

Not only do you and your users get to experience the latest feature innovations introduced in Yellowfin, you also benefit by ensuring improved stability and safety, as each Yellowfin release contains dozens of quality fixes and security updates.

Last year we advised we would extend support for all customers on Version 8. We would like to take the opportunity to remind you that Version 8 support will end on December 31st, 2022.

Yellowfin has kept up a hectic pace of innovation for some time now, and some of our customers have asked for more time to consolidate and stabilize on version 9. For that reason, we have decided to extend support for Version 9 for at least one more year, from the original end of life date of December 2023 to at least December 2024. To maintain support beyond December 2023, we do however ask that Customers upgrade to at least version 9.7 by that date.

If you haven’t already made the leap to Version 9, there are many reasons to do so:

  • A completely rebuilt dashboard experience, including an all-new Canvas giving unlimited design flexibility; and code-mode, in case you want an even more customized experience
  • New and improved Dashboard content, including enhanced Image Management (including SVG and GIF support), updated text widgets and pre-packed widgets for embedding video, and feeds of the latest Signals and Stories 
  • A new Present tool as an alternative to traditional Dashboards - allowing data to be presented in a  slide-show format but with all of the flexibility of Canvas Dashboards
  • A new JavaScript API providing even richer capability for contextually embedding any Yellowfin content (Charts, Dashboards, Stories and even NLQ) into any application
  • A rebuilt PDF export process to provide pixel perfect exports of any Report or Dashboard - including the ability to export JavaScript Charts and other custom Dashboard widgets
  • A brand new Mobile App experience that allows you to view and interact with all of your favorite Reports alongside Signals and Stories

And our latest self-service analytics innovation, Guided NLQ - released in Yellowfin 9.7 - is the easiest way to ask the hard questions of your data, and a big reason to upgrade today.