What we’ve achieved in 2018

What we've achieved in 2018

We’re heading into the holiday season, which is a great opportunity to reflect on the year that's just gone.

For me, this year has been dominated by the release of Yellowfin 8 and two new products in particular - Stories and Signals. When we started developing these products, I couldn't have imagined how much it would change the way we think about our business and positioning in the market.  

Stories helps business users understand their metrics in far more detail and build a narrative around their data. Signals automatically discovers and notifies users of changes in their data that they wouldn't see otherwise.

We're redefining how businesses do BI

As we’ve developed and tested these new products our understanding of how people use analytics within organizations has evolved. End users need more than dashboards, they need tools that help them understand and use their data in different ways. This shift in our understanding is now reflected in our go-to-market and channel strategies. It has also had implications for our branding, so we’ve done a lot of work around repositioning ourselves this year. It’s been an exciting change, not just for Yellowfin, but also for our channel partners and customers.  

When thinking about the future, I look at the opportunity for both Stories and Signals. I believe these products will redefine the way business users consume analytics and will drive up user adoption in the industry. That really hasn't happened over the last 30 years so it’s exciting, not just for our existing customers but also for our prospects and partners.

But we're not finishing there. Yellowfin has more product changes planned for the coming year, including a new dashboard release and mobile application. So watch this space.

Big names and strong growth

While we’ve brought great new products to market in 2018, our existing dashboard business has also had a phenomenally good year. Growth has been strong and we’ve closed some fantastic deals including The Federal Reserve in the US, Vallourec in Europe, Eclipse here in Australia, and JBIC in Japan. What was particularly interesting about those deals was the competitors we displaced - Business Objects, Power BI, Cognos, and Tableau. This emphasizes our core strength in large enterprise deployments. As an enterprise standard, Yellowfin delivers exceptional results for our customers.

In terms of growth and revenue, we’re tracking to plan and I believe that Stories and Signals will help us continue to grow in our target regions of Australia, Germany, the UK, the US, Canada, and Japan in 2019. Our beta customers and our own internal use have shown us just how powerful these two new products are. They really augment the analytical experience for business users and we can't wait to introduce more customers to them.

It's all because of you

Last but certainly not least, we wouldn’t have achieved so much this year without our staff and partners. It's been an exciting journey, but I know it’s involved a lot of hard work from everyone. Thank you for your effort. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season and look forward to working with you all again next year.

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