Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust boosts efficiencies and streamlines management meetings with Yellowfin

Wirral NHS Foundation Trust boosts efficiencies with Yellowfin

Widespread use of Yellowfin business intelligence software across the Trust has resulted in lighter meetings structure and more insightful data and statistics to inform decision-making processes.

Key facts:

  • Wirral NHS Trust chose Yellowfin for comprehensive reporting, excellent value, and GIS mapping
  • 150 managers across the organisation now use Yellowfin
  • Yellowfin helps drive efficiency and reduce meetings on performance figures for the Trust

London, 22nd January 2019 – Yellowfin, the analytics company that provides better answers faster, today announced that Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust, a provider of high quality health and social care services, has benefitted from Yellowfin technology to drive efficiencies across its organisation, streamlining its meetings structure and gaining access to real-time data and statistics.

Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust provides high quality health and social care services to the population of Wirral and parts of Cheshire and Liverpool. The Trust has developed an excellent clinical reputation, employing over 1,800 members of staff, 90% of who are in patient-facing roles. Each year, the staff at the Trust deliver over 1.1 million face to face sessions in many settings including clinics, health centres, GP surgeries, schools, and people’s homes.

To deliver its services to the Wirral population, the Trust relies on both the expertise of its staff but also on information technology systems that help it manage a wide range of activities including direct patient care, facilities management and staffing schedules.

In common with much of the NHS, Wirral is continually looking at ways to raise efficiency and improve patient outcomes while saving public money. To this end, the Trust’s Finance Team invested in a new costing system, and initially began to look at ways to improve financial reporting to streamline processes and deliver a better service.

Edd Berry, Deputy Director of Finance and Business Intelligence, Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust, comments: “When we evaluated Yellowfin, it was clear that it could be used for finance, but we knew it would also work across the entire Trust."

The Yellowfin solution was less expensive than competitive solutions yet offered better support and a more flexible licensing policy, which allowed the Trust to deploy it to more users than was otherwise possible with their legacy BI tool.

Alongside comprehensive reporting and dashboarding capabilities, Berry felt the geographic information system (GIS) mapping in Yellowfin made it really stand out. He comments: "As a community trust, we work across multiple sites. We aren’t just one hospital with our services centered in one place. We felt it would be really useful if we could visualise where the Trust was delivering its care. I think ease of use was another huge factor,” says Berry. “In terms of training requirements, Yellowfin was substantially easier to use, and quicker to pick up than other competitor solutions.”

Over the last few years, the Trust has expanded its use of Yellowfin far beyond financial reporting. In addition to their costing system, Yellowfin connects to their data warehouse, and has live feeds from key data sources such as SystmOne, a shared Electronic Health Record (EHR), Datix - a patient safety application, staff resource management, and a number of other systems that support administrative services including wheelchair management and sexual health. Yellowfin is now used by approximately 150 managers across the organisation.

Berry states: “Yellowfin has been invaluable in helping us to drive efficiency and has enabled the Trust to substantially reduce the number of meetings required to review performance figures, as managers now have access to insightful real-time data and analysis.”

As the Trust continues to roll out Yellowfin and examines new ways to utilise its BI capabilities, Berry is positive about the future: “We’re currently working on delivering statistical process control (SPC) charts through Yellowfin, so we can better understand the natural variations in our performance and represent it effectively. And we’re really excited about the additional collaboration features, like Yellowfin Stories.”

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