Yellowfin does it again

Yellowfin does it again

Once again, Yellowfin has been recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. This is the eighth time we have been recognized and the second year we are in the Visionary Quadrant. As per our knowledge, Yellowfin is also the only Australian vendor to be included.


We believe our innovative approach to the market and the way in which we solve customer problems has been acknowledged. We're constantly looking at new ways for people to consume analytics, and how we can help customers. This is what drives us at Yellowfin and can be seen in the highly differentiated products we’ve brought to market.

Innovation is also seen in the breadth of functionality that we have. Most vendors in the market now simply do dashboards. We feel what Gartner has understood and acknowledged is that there are many use cases in an enterprise and Yellowfin supports all of those. We have traditional reporting all the way through to automated analysis and everything in between. There are very few products in the market that do what we do.

Based on what we have seen in the market, openness is an emerging theme this year. A lot of vendors are highly proprietary and we are one of the few that doesn't lock you in.

We don’t own your data or control the way it works, so you’re not stuck with our platform. Instead, we let you connect and work with the best of breed components in the space easily. This approach gives our customers a lot of value over time, even if it is not apparent on day one. It is an unusual approach and it is great to be called out for it.

Another interesting theme is natural language and how our product supports it. We don’t think that natural language support, in the models presented today, is very effective. So we are actively working on a new model of support that will be unique in the market.

While Gartner’s Magic Quadrant is an interesting data point to use in your evaluation journey, if you're a customer thinking about BI vendors it is not the only data point you should use. It can help you develop a shortlist of vendors but in our opinion, the Magic Quadrant doesn’t really help you find the right tool for your particular problem. You should take the time to understand your use cases and make sure that the vendors that you've shortlisted can really help you solve your particular problems.

On the whole, we are delighted to be recognized in the Visionary Quadrant of Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant. There are hundreds of vendors in the market and only 20 are recognized in the Magic Quadrant, so we believe this is a fantastic outcome that shows that Yellowfin is punching well above our weight. We’re going in the right direction and adding value to our customers.

While I’m proud of this outcome, the most important thing to me is the contribution our team has made. I want to thank the team at Yellowfin for the huge effort that goes into making and building a product and building a business that gets into the Magic Quadrant.

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