Yellowfin Moves HQ to Austin, Texas, Launches New CRM Analytics Solution for Salesforce

Yellowfin Moves HQ to Austin, Texas, Launches New CRM Analytics Solution for Salesforce

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA - 24 May 2022 - Yellowfin International Pty Ltd (“Yellowfin”), a leading global provider of advanced data analytics software, is relocating its headquarters to Austin, Texas, parent company Idera, Inc. (“Idera”), a US-based provider of B2B productivity software, announced today. The move comes as Yellowfin launches its new CRM analytics solution for Salesforce.

Yellowfin joins its many sister brands under Idera’s Developer Tools business, including apilayer, Embarcadero, Filestack, Froala, FusionCharts, LANSA, Sencha, UltraEdit, and Whole Tomato, and plans to scale its team in Austin to provide the high number of local software companies an end-to-end business intelligence (BI) and CRM solution that can meet modern analytics needs.

“We want to accelerate our focus on embedded analytics, with the goal to become the premier analytics engine behind leading software applications around the world,” said Atanas Popov, General Manager of Yellowfin. “We believe companies can not only build analytics modules, but entire new product offerings using Yellowfin. Our CRM Analytics Solution for Salesforce (SF) demonstrates how a company can use the rich suite of capabilities from Yellowfin to create a new analytics product that solves a market needs.” 

While SF solves sales operation needs, there is often a challenge to understand what has changed and its impact on forecast. With Yellowfin’s CRM analytics solution, businesses can capture daily snapshots which dynamically update to reflect all changes and their impact, providing improved visibility and a holistic and historic view of the pipeline. It is effectively an out-of-the-box rev ops solution to assist sales leaders to better manage their data.

Organizations can bring together budget, financial and CRM data to give everyone in the business a complete picture of what’s happening in the sales cycle, and what’s changed - for better decision-making and visibility. Customer solutions can be further evolved with Yellowfin to include marketing metrics and integrate them into simple dashboards with seamless drill-down capabilities.

Yellowfin’s vision is that ISVs, startups and other customers can use its CRM solution as a template to develop new market offerings. They can build unique IP and branding on top of Yellowfin’s scalable platform, a model that can be replicated in other industry verticals where core use cases center on data and analytics.

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Learn how Yellowfin brings SFDC budget, financial and CRM data together to give a complete picture of what's happening in your sales cycle, so you can better manage your sales business and forecast with more accuracy.

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Yellowfin is a global BI and analytics software vendor with a suite of world-class products powered by automation. Yellowfin is recognized as an innovator by the world’s leading analyst firms. More than 29,000 organizations and over 3 million end-users across 75 countries use Yellowfin every day.

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