Yellowfin Supports Rising Tide of Women in Data

Yellowfin Supports Rising Tide of Women in Data

Yellowfin invests in programs and events spanning STEM education to C-Suite

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09 February, 2018, Melbourne.

Yellowfin BI today announced it will support a number of strategic programs designed to educate, empower and encourage more Australian women to choose data analytics and data science as a long-term, sustainable career.

Working with established and emerging ‘women in technology’ networks and not-for-profit (NFP) groups, Yellowfin has canvassed the market to select a number of pivotal programs that engage and educate school-aged students, university graduates, early career-makers and C-suite executives such as Chief Data Officers and Chief Analytics Officers.

“Rather than reinvent the wheel and add to an already busy calendar of programs and events, we mapped the career arc of a successful data executive and then selected programs that we believe offer the highest level of benefit at pivotal times throughout her career,” said Simone Clancy, Director People Strategy at Yellowfin.

Starting with a shortlist of 12 companies and associations, Yellowfin evaluated member benefits including events, mentoring, content, education and accreditation. The result is Yellowfin committing to support four key initiatives in 2018 being Go Girl, Go for IT (by Vic ICT for Women), Young ICT Explorers,  DataGirls and Women in Data.

“Our intent is to support women in the data industry across their entire academic and professional career,” Ms Clancy said. “This starts with STEM in primary schools right through to salary negotiation, strategy and leadership development for senior data executives.”

Yellowfin is committed to fostering a gender-equitable and diverse workforce both inside its own company and across the industry. Currently 36 percent of Yellowfin’s employees are female, above global industry average of approximately 25 percent. The company currently employs more than 150 employees, half of which are in technical roles.

“We understand the challenges of hiring more women into data-related roles because we experience it every day,” said Ms Clancy. “It comes down to the simple fact that the hiring pool of female candidates is substantially smaller than that of males. This is why we passionately believe STEM and coding is an imperative in Australian schools, starting at primary-level or earlier. To affect real change, the size of that hiring pool has to increase.”

Kickstarting activity for 2018 will be the Yellowfin-sponsored Women in Data event to be held on International Women’s Day on March 8. Women in Data hosts regular meet ups and events, encouraging both men and women to attend, with the purpose of upskilling, networking and knowledge sharing. Attendees include Heads of Analytics, Chief Data Officers, Heads of Digital, eCommerce Directors, Analytics Directors, and Heads of Data Science across telco, banking and finance, media and marketing, digital and retail industries, as well as many smaller start-ups.

The March 8 event Women in Data: People Pioneering Change will discuss and debate salary negotiation and superannuation for women. Guest speakers include Pascale Helyar-Moray from Human Super & Nicole Grainger-Marsh who runs salary negotiation work-shops for women across the country.

“More than 25,000 companies and three million end-users in 75 different countries use Yellowfin every day and I am extremely proud to say that every line of code in our software is 100 percent developed on Australian shores,” Ms Clancy said. “We’ve explored different scenarios over our 15-year journey and know today that Aussie coding talent undeniably delivers the world’s best bang for buck.”

Yellowfin will invest and participate in more than 12 events and programs throughout 2018 implemented by its four key partners being Go Girl, Go for IT (by Vic ICT for Women), Young ICT Explorers (school-aged children),  DataGirls (university and early career) and Women in Data (middle to senior management).

“Studies reveal a more diverse workforce achieves greater innovation, creative thinking, better outcomes and employees are happier in their jobs. What company would not want those characteristics as part of their culture?” said Ms Clancy.

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