Yellowfin releases version 8.0.1 with new Signal governance and Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI report integrations

Yellowfin releases version 8.0.1 with new Signal governance and Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI report integrations

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The release of Yellowfin 8.0.1 now includes:

  • Major governance, performance, and usability enhancements to Yellowfin Signals
  • A new plugin framework to integrate interactive third-party analytical content into Yellowfin Stories
  • The ability to create and edit reports from within Yellowfin Stories
  • Back-end updates for faster and more intuitive performance

Melbourne, 05 March 2019 - Yellowfin, a world-leading and innovative analytics vendor, today announced the release of Yellowfin 8.0.1 - a major enhancement on the augmented analytics capabilities in Yellowfin 8.0. The new release provides considerable usability, performance, and governance improvements for customers and partners so they can manage and act on insights faster and more securely.

“The release of 8.0.1 is a major upgrade to the analytical user experience when using Yellowfin’s augmented analytics capabilities,” said Brad Scarff, CTO at Yellowfin. “We aim to make insights easy to manage and act on for all involved in the analytics workflow - from analysts to business users. The latest Yellowfin release significantly enhances users’ ability to manage, make decisions on, and act upon insights.”

Yellowfin Signals has been enhanced with the addition of Signal Actions. Actions allow better governance of the automated insights generated by Yellowfin Signals by allowing users to name an owner, assign the signal to someone to work on, and share the signal for analysis by others. Yellowfin has also added automated color coding to the signals so they can easily be identified as positive or negative changes for the business. This means that, for example, a reduction in customer churn would be identified as a positive change with blue, rather than orange, color coding.

The most notable addition to Yellowfin Stories is a new plugin framework enabling integration with other BI and non-BI platforms including embedding live and interactive reports from Qlik, Tableau, and Power BI into a story. This allows organizations to tell a narrative around data that resides in multiple BI and analytics tools for a more holistic insight into the business. Another new Stories feature is the ability to create and edit reports from within a story so the user workflow is fully integrated.

“The user workflow is crucial to the adoption of analytics and BI tools,” said Scarff. “When analysts and business users can collaborate with ease to bring data insights to the business, you see the business become data-centric. The latest Yellowfin release enables all analytics users to access and share insights in an intuitive way, with speed.”

Additional enhancements to Signals include improved correlations, found in other data sources, served alongside each signal; enhanced interaction ratings so Yellowfin learns which signals you do and don’t want to see; and faster load times for the Signal List.

There are also enhancements to the Assisted Insights analyses for greater clarity. During Signal exploration, users can take the data set powering Assisted Insights into a new analysis with a single click. All improvements made to the Yellowfin 7.4 series have been rolled into 8.0.1.

All changes and enhancements can be found in the Yellowfin Community change log.

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