A Best-In-Class Analytics Platform: Yellowfin GM Community Update

A Best-In-Class Analytics Platform: Yellowfin GM Update To Customers

Today, I’d like to share updates on the strategic direction of Yellowfin and highlight how our investment aligns with our commitment to embedded analytics and enterprise BI.

We recently released Yellowfin 9.9 which continues to improve the quality of our powerful platform. In the last several years Yellowfin added many new features, and we want to make sure that they work flawlessly.

Based on your positive reviews, we are pleased to report our excellent progress.

If you follow our blog, you will note a lot of the competitive analysis we’ve been performing that compares Yellowfin against PowerBI, Tableau, and more specialized embedded solutions like Sisense and Qrvey. The good news is that Yellowfin continues to outperform these solutions in many areas and provides better value. We are committed to keep things that way. In this article, we cover some of our exciting initiatives.


Practical, Customer-Centric Features

Our mission is to empower you to make decisions based on data and analytics. We don’t waste time on implementing features just to take advantage of the buzzword of the week. No “GPT - powered search,” just simple, easy-to-use natural language query to give users the results they need, faster. You won’t see us push features just to adopt AI. Results matter, so we use AI in features that give results to our customers. We invest in features that provide value to users. 

In addition to releasing new useful features, we’re investing in improving the user experience for new and existing customers. We’ve modernized many parts of Yellowfin and will keep doing it.  Our product roadmap is prioritized on making Yellowfin even more intuitive to use through investments in the installer, browse page, and data source connections, among other projects. 

What to use NLQ in analytics for


Of our upcoming product improvements, I am particularly excited about integrating FusionCharts into Yellowfin and improving the APIs for embedding Yellowfin. To support these improvements, we are enhancing documentation and learning content to help you adopt all the cool features we have.

This opportunity to focus on improving the user experience is one of the core reasons Idera acquired Yellowfin in 2022. A key operating principle Idera holds all of its 30+ software brands accountable for is offering customers easy to use, high quality products. The opportunity to refocus the Yellowfin product roadmap on making it easier to use is helping generate more value for our customers allowing more adoption of the software’s already rich feature-set.


Focus on Developers

Yellowfin is designed with developers in mind and offers a robust set of APIs and SDKs that enable seamless integration of analytics into any application. Yellowfin is the most flexible and most powerful platform for embedded BI. We recognize that time-to-market is crucial in today's fast-paced business environment, and our decision to invest in developer-first projects ensures that developers can quickly embed analytics into products, giving their customers the power to make informed decisions using their data. 

Our strategy to focus on developers is driving on-going investment in:



At Yellowfin BI, we are not just a vendor; we are a strategic partner dedicated to our customer’s success. As we’ve seen customer use cases evolve beyond traditional enterprise BI into bespoke embedded analytics solutions, we recognize how important it is to work closely with developers and businesses to tailor solutions that align with their unique needs. Therefore, we are investing heavily in our software integration partnership network. 

Over the past 6-months, we have onboarded new Yellowfin partners in North America, the United Kingdom, Brazil, the Middle East, and many other regions. Our decision to prioritize working with SI partners has enabled our customers to build solutions more rapidly with dedicated, localized services, while enabling Yellowfin to focus on improving the core software. 

Additionally, we recognize the importance in helping our partners succeed with their Yellowfin implementations, so we now offer our self-service technical training courses free of cost to all partners as well as customers. 

Finally, we’re delighted to have recently started sponsoring Academic Yellowfin licenses to college and university students in partner regions and look forward to more academic investments.


Flexibility in Pricing

In an industry that is currently undergoing a lot of change–product adoption of features backed by AI and other popular technologies, consolidation of BI companies, and phasing out of non-SaaS implementations – Yellowfin continues to embrace the idea that data analytics should be accessible to all types of organizations, in an implementation that makes sense to each unique business. 


Pricing graphic


Yellowfin’s commitment extends beyond product investment or partnership enablement, but also to working with customers on integration and commercial models that fit their business strategy. Yellowfin is the most flexible BI solution in the industry, and now has the most flexible pricing options in Enterprise BI and Embedded Analytics.  


Do More with Yellowfin

September is a busy month when many new projects start. We have some exciting packages that bundle training and consulting, and also make expanding your solutions easier and more economical. Connect with us or your Customer Success lead and we will be delighted to help.


Yellowfin and Idera Collaboration

I was recently asked about the status of integration by several customers. This simple answer is that joining the Idera family has been great for Yellowfin. You have seen many competitors strapped for cash in a highly turbulent financial world. Many increased prices. Yellowfin on the other hand is stable and ready to keep investing. 

We are also closely collaborating with our sister brands. For example, today we not only share many common customers with Wherescape (the best data automation solution), but Yellowfin is becoming the backbone for Wherescape’s reporting with cool new visualizations and capabilities. Yellowfin is also behind the new BI offering by LANSA becoming the BI tool of choice for IBM i solutions. And we are just getting started.

We always want to do more. I encourage any customer to contact me directly at john.burr@yellowfin.bi or drop our team a line to give us feedback or learn how you can do more with Yellowfin.

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