Fresh Features: the upgraded user experience

Fresh Features: the upgraded user experience

We’re continuing our series on the slick new features and design that you can find in Yellowfin 9 - a game-changing analytics product packed with new capabilities to help you get to actionable insights faster. You can find previous blog posts in the series by clicking the titles below:

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It was time for a change to the look and feel of the Yellowfin platform and we also knew that some of the workflows could be enhanced. So, the major release of Yellowfin 9 was our chance to give Yellowfin a new look and improve the user interface and workflows while we were at it.

Even if we say so ourselves, Yellowfin now looks even better!

Yellowfin Dashboards Mobile App

The user experience evolution started with Yellowfin Signals, Stories, and Yellowfin Mobile interfaces. Now, Dashboards and Present - core parts of the product that every end user sees day to day - have also had a restyle.

But it isn’t all just colours and buttons - there have been changes to workflows too. It’s the combination of the two that has made the magic happen. Yellowfin never looked so good!

An overhauled look and feel 

The dashboard UI is a whole new, and better, experience. 

Whether you are in view mode or editing a dashboard, the UI is modern, consistent, and simple. It is obvious that, while in edit mode, there is a lot of rich functionality at your fingertips without feeling like the interface is overwhelming. You’re going to love the new experience.


Build dashboard tabs fast with Blueprint and Quick Charts

Creating a new dashboard tab now has an enjoyable interface.

Build dashboards with Yellowfin Blueprint and Quick Charts

You will notice that you get prompted to use a default view and this lets the new Quick Charts run even faster. The default view means you will not have to select a view every time you create a new chart. That means you get a simpler, faster build experience.

Preview mode for testing

In version 9, we have introduced a new preview mode for dashboards so you can test your dashboard and all its interactions before publishing it. Dashboard interactions are automatically switched off in edit mode for easy building but then switched on for previewing the dashboard. 

In addition, preview mode for dashboards is similar to Yellowfin Story previews in that, if you collaborate with people, you can see what changes others have made but not edit it.

Yellowfin 9 Preview Mode

A new workflow for adding complex reports

Although we now have Quick Charts, there may be times you want to create a more complex report and add that to your draft dashboard tab.

We wanted to make this as seamless as possible. Yellowfin 9 gives you a flow that is now much smoother. Simply create a new report and publish it, then navigate back to your draft dashboard tab to find your new report as an option, waiting to be added. Alternatively, place a Quick Chart on your dashboard and use the drop-down menu on the quick chart and select 'Create advanced report'. All this means that you now have a better build experience when adding in complex reports.

Report branching to let you add reports twice

So, what happens when you put the same report on a dashboard twice? You would expect that the SQL statement would run twice and that you would have to wire filters twice. Well, not with the all-new branching!

With report branching, you can add a report with multiple charts to a dashboard multiple times - each time selecting a new chart. Wiring happens once and the SQL gets run once. This is the perfect way to improve your dashboard performance and load speed. Use multi-chart at the report level and then use the dashboard canvas to place the items where you wish.

Share and security workflows 

Sharing a dashboard, knowing who is using it, and changing security settings required a few clicks Yellowfin previously. Yellowfin 9, on the other hand, has made it much simpler. 

In this latest release, you can clearly see who is using a dashboard, share it with new users, and you can change the security settings without having to edit the dashboard and put it in draft mode like you had to with previous versions. The administration is much simpler and it’s faster to manage dashboard sharing.

Enjoy the new Yellowfin

All the interface changes we’ve made for you in Yellowfin 9 have fundamentally been about improving the user experience. Great design is one thing but simpler, easier workflows will have a huge impact on your use of BI and analytics.

Discover what's new in Yellowfin 9

Even better than a new look, Yellowfin 9 allows you to build dashboards that enable you to take action - from within the dashboard! This will change the way you do analytics. Discover code mode, action buttons, Blueprint wireframing, and more.

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