Happy New Year from Yellowfin: Our 2023 Commitments

Happy New Year from Yellowfin: Our 2023 Commitments

Happy New Year from the Yellowfin team, and welcome to our 2023 wrap-up!

Following a year full of product feature updates, company changes and new initiatives, this blog provides a helpful summary for all our customers and followers on our future 2023 product roadmap for the Yellowfin embedded analytics suite, and a look back at last year’s biggest news.


A Brief Look Back at 2022: Yellowfin’s Biggest Announcements

2022 was a busy year for Yellowfin!

Starting with our acquisition by Idera, Inc. in January, we have moved from strength-to-strength. We expanded our commitment from embedded BI to BI applications to increase Yellowfin adoption, released Version 9.8 to further enhance our strong self-service analytics experience, launched the Yellowfin CRM Module to help solve sales management reporting challenges, and launched all-new Certified C-Data Connectors to simplify integration of organizational analytics to popular Software as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise applications (CRM, ERP, CMS, etc).

In addition, Yellowfin was named a Visionary for the third consecutive year in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms, and named an Embedded Business Intelligence Software Leader by G2.

Want to keep up with all future announcements? Be sure to bookmark the Yellowfin Newsroom.


Our 2023 Vision: Do More With Yellowfin

Yellowfin has been 20 years in the making as of 2023, and we’re still all about making it simpler for our customers to build analytics solutions fully tailored to their needs, with many more exciting initiatives planned for this year.

Born in the business reporting era, we have since evolved our product with rich and extensive capabilities across the fundamentals of BI and analytics, including:

  • Accessible reporting, including dashboards, file exports and mass distribution
  • Connectivity, meta-data modeling and advanced query generation
  • Flexible deployment architecture
  • Rich APIs and embedding capability
  • Security and governance

But new thinking is required to engage all types of analytics users, whether they are your internal staff or customers end-users. People who may not be technically inclined still want to consume data, not just your skilled data analysts, and we’re invested in helping you increase adoption of your BI by making it easier for everyone in the business to access, analyze and share data.

Yellowfin does this by streamlining the new user experience with five product features:

1. Action-based Dashboards: Our next generation dashboards prove the dashboard is not dead, combining great design, contextual actions, integrated automation and narrative storytelling, and the ability to embed directly into workflows to offer users an easier, more insightful way to explore and analyze their most important business critical data at-a-glance.

2. Automated Insight Discovery and Explanation: Using automated business monitoring and natural language query (NLQ) technologies, our dashboards and reports leverage augmented analytics to assist every type of user in understanding what data they’re looking at, where to look, and how to ask questions with our powerful Yellowfin Signals and Guided NLQ feature-set. Engage algorithms for insight discovery, use fully automated processes to scan, detect and notify significant changes in data, and even have the meaning of a data report explained in full.


What to use NLQ in analytics for

3. Data Storytelling: Organizations decipher important business data for their customers and internal staff with explanation and context to drive discussions, so what if your analytics software enabled you to provide these critical narratives within the same interface as reports and dashboards? That’s exactly what Yellowfin Stories and Present does, providing multiple ways to build and share a data story with an audience, whether through long-form narratives (Stories) or executive presentations - all of which can be directly embedded into a users’ workflow, side-by-side with a dashboard or report.

4. Embedding Analytics into Workflows: For truly contextualized insights, analytics needs to be able to be directly embedded into your users’ workflow. Yellowfin’s embedded analytics suite ensures context and relevance of data for your user by creating seamless workflows that maximize worker effectiveness and remove the need to context switch to another application - they have everything they need in one UI.


Yellowfin Self Service Analytics Features


5. True Self-Service for Business Users: Traditional BI vendors create complex analytics tools tailored for experts, not regular business users. Yellowfin’s entire suite is dedicated to helping more regular people use data and analytics, with Guided NLQ providing a highly accessible starting point to intuitive querying of data, supporting simple to complex questions with a guided and automated question building process everyone can leverage.

Our focus in 2023 is simple: Do More With Yellowfin. We want our customers and their analytics end-users to have the best analytics consumption experience possible using these streamlined tools, backed by simple yet exceptional capabilities for Developers and IT Ops to tailor their Yellowfin implementation in whatever way best suits your users and business use cases.


What’s On at Yellowfin in 2023

We have many exciting initiatives for our customers take advantage of in 2023, including:

  • Advanced Visualization SKU package with our partner FusionCharts
  • Continued collaboration with C-Data Connectors to improve connectivity
  • Continued expansion of Yellowfin University educational training resources
  • Developer playground/sandbox
  • Improved customer support experience
  • New free tools (academic and developer licenses)

For data consumers and analysts, we are continuing our improvement of the Yellowfin product suite for a more simplified, modernized UX across our installer, data source management, administration, view builder and report builder functions.

For developers, we are simplifying the contextual embedding experience with new chart APIs that streamline integration and allow the bundling of third-party chart libraries, such as Idera FusionCharts. Look forward to an embedded code generator with integrated API references, and an in-built developer console that acts as a one-stop shop for all developer tasks.

For DevOps, we aim to make source management more scalable, with an improved import and export user interface, integration with Git repositories, and simplified installation with a modernized installer and other bundled dependencies.

Yellowfin is extending support for Version 9 until 2024, meaning customers need to be on Version 9.7 or greater to qualify for extended support moving forward. Speak with your regional customer experience manager or our Sales team for more information.


Get Started and Do More with Yellowfin

1) Request Training - We now offer customizable regional training through our many partners. There is a lot you can do with Yellowfin - learn how!

2) Implement Yellowfin for More Use Cases - If you are ISV, have you considered powering some of your internal analytics with Yellowfin? If you use Yellowfin for enterprise analytics, have you considered building it into your customer-facing applications? We are making this more cost-effective than ever.

3) Improve Performance - Get the best performance possible for your customers. We have new options to increase server power and scale either with more cores or through managed services.

That’s it for our New Year's post! Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to supporting and expanding your analytics needs in 2023.

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