November 2022 Yellowfin User Group Event Recap

Do More With Yellowfin: November 2022 Yellowfin User Group Event Recap

Welcome to our Yellowfin Customer User Group Event event recap for November 2022! 

Following our quarterly webinar held November 8 - 9, this blog provides a helpful summary for our customers that could not attend to catch up on new updates from the company, including our future product roadmap and extended support of the Yellowfin embedded analytics suite.

Speakers at the November 2022 event included:

  • Atanas Popov, General Manager, Yellowfin
  • Sherry Silhavy, VP, Global Sales, Yellowfin
  • David Sanchez, Global Director of Customer Experience (CX), Yellowfin
  • Brad Scarff, CTO, Yellowfin


Want to watch the entire event on-demand, at your convenience? Just click the link.


Yellowfin Company Overview, November 2022

Following Yellowfin’s integration with Idera earlier this year, Yellowfin is well positioned to prosper​ heading into the new year, with several initiatives and updates aimed at benefiting customers.

1. Cross-brand collaboration: We are expanding our collaboration with other Idera DevTool brands, such as FusionCharts, to provide exciting new product offerings and additional training material in the form of educational webinars, new blog series and downloadable whitepapers. 

2. Future Product Roadmap: Following the successful launch of Version 9.8 in August this year, our teams continue to make steady progress on the next planned product release and service offerings, full of quality improvements, bug fixes and new features.

3. More free training material: Yellowfin has recently launched its Do More With Yellowfin campaign, which aims to ensure our customers maximize what they get out of our product suite. Speaking with customers, we’ve learned many BI features are underutilized - and we’re helping customers start to harness these capabilities with additional training, services and events. We’re investing more in Yellowfin University, as well as local partner offerings across all markets, so we can be more flexible in how we provide licensing, training and services in 2023 and beyond.


Yellowfin Wiki Customer Resource


4. Focus on value: We’ve seen a lot of alternative solutions in the analytics and Software as a Service (SaaS) marketplace are increasing their prices and getting very expensive. We’ve benchmarked our product and service offerings against key competitors and across key use cases in business intelligence and analytics, and feel very confident that Yellowfin continues to be very well positioned to deliver better value in what we offer in terms of flexibility of setup, close control over costs, governance and security and our overall embedded analytics capability offering is helping us acquire new business, as well as continue our focus on delivering existing customers value across the board and help you feel good about your investment in Yellowfin.

5. New developments: We have an Advanced Visualization SKU package, in collaboration with FusionCharts, purchasable directly from Yellowfin for best-in-class charting capabilities, along with deeper API integration planned within the next 6 -12 months, free developer licenses to increase adoption (native on-premises and cloud offerings), multiple ease-of-use projects with R&D, a low-code Developer Playground project that will provide more options to embed BI more seamlessly, and extensive collaboration with C-Data to improve connectivity with Yellowfin.

Overall, we have a lot of exciting things happening, and the Yellowfin and Idera team are excited for the future of Yellowfin and all the great things we’re delivering to customers and new users.


2023 Release Update and Future Product Roadmap Overview

Yellowfin 9.8 released in August and included an incredible bundle of updates to our Guided NLQ product aimed at enhancing the user experience, including the capability to:

  • Add a default date periods
  • Allow any file type for long-running queries
  • Cancel long-running queries in the same way as running a report
  • Generate a cross-tab report directly from the question bar
  • Define synonyms on columns (so users don’t have to know the exact column names and can define synonyms in the view builder, which are then matched to appropriate columns if they’re asking a question)
  • Plus many other customer ideas and bug fixes


Guided NLQ Field Synonyms Setup


You can read more about these additions in our Yellowfin 9.8 Release Highlights blog.

Meanwhile, Version 9.8.1 is currently planned for December 2022, and will be a patch release with a key focus on:

  • Security - library updates
  • Java 16/17 support
  • Numerous bug fixes


Yellowfin is also extending support for Version 9 until 2024, an increase of one year from the original end date. Customers need to be on Version 9.7 or greater to qualify for extended support. In addition, we will be discontinuing support for Version 8 on December 31, 2022. Be sure to upgrade to the latest release - speak with your regional customer experience manager or a member of our Sales team for more information.


So, what’s next?

That’s it for the November User Group recap - please keep the Yellowfin blog bookmarked for the date of our next User Group event recap. The team thanks all our Yellowfin customers for your continued support, and we hope you find our latest resources helpful to enhancing your embedded analytics deployment.

Watch: November 2022 Yellowfin User Group Event

Access this user group webinar on-demand today, and learn more about the new features and projects Yellowfin has in store.