10 Resources That’ll Make You Better At Embedded BI

10 Resources That'll Make You Better At Embedded BI

The benefits of embedded business intelligence (BI) solutions is well documented today: Richer context, deeper integration of data within operational application workflows, and better information on hand for data-driven decision-making. However, you need to find effective resources to uncover the true potential of embedded BI. It can make you a lot better at leveraging the solution. In this post, you will find 10 great resources for enhancing your knowledge and skill of embedded business intelligence.


Best Resources For Getting Better At Embedded BI

There are various resources that can help you uncover the power of self-service BI. At Yellowfin, we've compiled a comprehensive list of free content to help you get started.


1. Yellowfin Blog - The Best Resource For Embedded BI

The Yellowfin Blog covers everything related to embedded BI. We provide coverage on the newest advancements in analytics, dashboards, automation, and data storytelling and free guides on getting the most out of business intelligence platforms based on best practice. Overall, Yellowfin Blog has everything to make you better at Embedded BI.

2. Yellowfin University - Another Great Embedded BI Resource For Everyone

Yellowfin University is an online learning platform with various courses on embedded BI. They enable you to quickly learn and utilize the true power of fully integrated analytics.

Yellowfin University offers two types of courses. The first one is self-paced learning. It’s a perfect choice for learning at your own pace and schedule. Therefore, you will never feel rushed. The second one is instructor-led training. It allows you to learn directly from experts. You can fit the courses into your busy schedule and conveniently learn at a suitable time. We recommend to check out the latest lessons for more information.

3. Yellowfin Wiki

Yellowfin Wiki is developed collaboratively by a community of Yellowfin users and experts. It covers everything about the platform in end-to-end technical detail.

Yellowfin Wiki has organized all information based on different user types, including Business Users, Data Analysts, and Enterprise IT. On top of that, it is very easy to follow and get answers to more specific questions concerning Yellowfin's many tools and modules, and how to troubleshoot if you're lost. Overall, it’s one of the best resources for getting better at embedded BI, regardless of your current analytics platform.

yellowfin wiki

4. Yellowfin Community

Another great resource for getting better at embedded BI is Yellowfin Community. It is a hub for thousands of users, enthusiasts, and experts around the globe.

Whenever you get stuck on any issue, you will always find a helping hand in the community. Try posting a question about your problem. You will get a quick response. Also, you will find tons of knowledge-based articles in the community. By following them, you can effectively enhance your embedded BI skill.

5. Yellowfin Case Studies

Do you want to enhance your knowledge with the real-world application of embedded BI? You should definitely check case studies. They reveal the way the companies are making the most out of the technology.

Yellowfin's Case Studies provide key insights into the embedded BI solution. They give you an idea of how the companies, like DENSO and Honda France, are leveraging the technology. By following them, you can figure out the right way of utilizing the true power of embedded BI for your unique business case. As a result, you can quickly find important market insights, gain a competitive advantage, and grow your business.

6. Yellowfin White Papers

Yellowfin offers free-to-download white papers on numerous topics, including analytics, intelligence, and data storytelling. They provide you with intuitive guides for embedding AI-powered analytics into your application. Also, the whitepapers give you an overview of how to deliver a great customer experience by leveraging the technology. Overall, they are a valuable source for enhancing your knowledge.

7. Yellowfin’s Webinars

Webinars help you to discover new capabilities of technologies. They give you key insights from the industry leaders. Also, they help you to stay up to date without spending money and traveling to conferences.

Yellowfin’s webinars allow you to explore the capabilities of embedded BI in a great way. They enable you to see everything live in action. Also, they provide real-world examples of implementing the technology to add value to the business. Overall, Yellowfin’s webinars can take your existing knowledge and skill-set to a whole new level.

8. Yellowfin’s Videos

Videos are great for quickly picking up new technologies. They offer a multidimensional experience by combining different resources, like charts, slides, live video, etc. They can make your life a lot easier.

Yellowfin offers numerous free videos on its YouTube channel covering embedded business intelligence. By following them, you can quickly get familiar with the platform in a more interactive way, and start to embed different tools and uncover valuable insights faster.

9. Yellowfin Newsroom

News articles help you to discover the newest advancement in embedded business intelligence. Also, they allow you to find better ways of using the technology.

Yellowfin’s Newsroom covers everything related to embedded BI. It provides in-depth news articles on the newest capabilities of the technology. Here, you will find the details of Yellowfin’s latest and upcoming updates. Also, it discusses how global companies are effectively leveraging BI platforms. Therefore, you should keep a close eye on the newsroom. It will help you to discover better ways of utilizing the tech in your business.

10. Yellowfin's Guide For Best Practices

Best practices are important for utilizing the technology in the right way. Without it, you cannot unlock the true power of business intelligence.

Yellowfin offers numerous guides for analytic best practices. They can help you to get better at embedded BI. By following them, you can create effective solutions for uncovering actionable insights. As a result, you can make timely data-driven business decisions. If you really want to enhance your knowledge, you should definitely check Yellowfin’s guide for best practices.

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