What is Yellowfin Assisted Insights? How to Get the ‘Why’ Faster

What is Yellowfin Assisted Insights? How to Get the 'Why' Faster

Assisted Insights is a powerful tool built-in the Yellowfin embedded analytics suite that provides organizations with automated and intuitive insights derived from their data. 

Using automation and machine learning capabilities, Yellowfin Assisted Insights helps users to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and correlations in their data, enabling them to make better informed and data-driven business decisions.

Unlike traditional analytics tools that require complex queries and manual exploration of data, Assisted Insights is a handy tool to simplify the process of analysis while exploring data on a Yellowfin dashboard or report, and it aims to empowers all types of analytics users (beginners, experts) to be able to explore data and gain valuable insights with ease.


How does Assisted Insights Work?

Yellowfin Assisted Insights leverages automation, machine learning (ML) and natural language generation (NLG) technologies to automatically analyze data and generate meaningful insights. The tool utilizes algorithms to identify correlations, outliers, and patterns within the data, which are then transformed into easy-to-understand visualizations and reports for the Yellowfin user.

The process begins by connecting Yellowfin Assisted Insights to the organization's data sources, such as databases, spreadsheets, or cloud-based platforms. Once the data is integrated and utilized in content such as dashboards or reports, the user can run the Assisted Insights feature by right-clicking an element such as a data visualization, metric or table, and selecting auto-analyze or compare. The tool then proceeds to automatically analyze the data without any further configuration or input required from the user.

Once the tool has finished analyzing the dataset, it identifies relationships, trends, and anomalies, and presents them to the user in a digestible format, typically a high-level, best-practice data visualization with several explanations in natural language (i.e. non-technical), divided into digestible dot-point summaries, to help the user understand the results in question and have easy-to-understand jump-off points for further, deeper analysis if required. The tool also enables users to generate reports and share their findings with colleagues and stakeholders.



What do I need to do before using Assisted Insights?

Assisted Insights is most effective when data-sets are validated and cleaned for accuracy and relevance in the generated results, and it’s beneficial for both line-of-business users and experts who need a baseline analysis to work with when helping answer end-user requests for reports.

Both power users and regular line-of-business people using Yellowfin for analysis need to verify the datasets they are exploring are curated and accurate before using the Assisted Insights feature to ensure the results generated are good to use for decision-making. This is true for all self-service BI features available within the Yellowfin analytics suite.

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What are the benefits of Assisted Insights?

Yellowfin Assisted Insights benefits business users and stands out from its competitors' offerings in several ways:

Automated analysis: Unlike other analytics tools that require users to manually explore and analyze data, Yellowfin Assisted Insights automates the process to streamline the beginning of analysis efforts, uncovering patterns, trends, and correlations with just a click, saving significant time and effort for business users while ensuring faster access to actionable insights. This is part of Yellowfin's automated business monitoring function.

User-Friendly Interface: Yellowfin Assisted Insights is part of Yellowfin’s larger user-friendly interface that enables even non-technical users to easily navigate and understand complex data. Its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality and interactive visualizations make it accessible to all individuals within an organization, regardless of their technical expertise.

Scalability: Yellowfin Assisted Insights is highly scalable, capable of handling large volumes of data from multiple sources. Its robust architecture ensures efficient performance even with vast datasets, allowing organizations to make data-driven decisions based on comprehensive and accurate insights.

Assisted Insights Yellowfin BI

Collaboration and Sharing: The tool facilitates collaboration among team members by providing helpful insights that can be easily shared and expanded upon. Users can easily collaborate within Yellowfin on the best practice visualizations, explanations and comparisons generated by the Assisted Insights tool.

Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP): Yellowfin Assisted Insights incorporates advanced NLP capabilities, allowing users to interact with the tool through natural language queries. This eliminates the need for complex coding or querying languages, or having to decipher complex technical language or jargon, making data exploration and analysis accessible to a broader range of users.

Why is Assisted Insights useful?

Ultimately, Assisted Insights is designed to be user-friendly, empowering all individuals within an organization to leverage the power of data analytics. It eliminates the need for specialized technical skills, allowing business users to independently explore and gain insights from data. 

When combined with other helpful Yellowfin native features such as Guided NLQ and Signals, Assisted Insights can help non-technical business users engage with their data and analytics tools without having to take extensive training or rely on experts within the business (such as having to create a request ticket with IT) just to get answers they need to make important decisions. It is a useful tool that democratizes data across the business, not just for experts.

Experts, too, such as analytics power users or data scientists, can also benefit from Assisted Insights, using it as a quick way to collate relevant answers of a particular dashboard or report and then use it as a baseline for more specialized manual analysis on their part.


Yellowfin Assisted Insights revolutionizes the way organizations analyze their data by providing automated and intuitive insights. Its advanced machine learning capabilities, user-friendly interface, scalability, collaboration features, and NLP make it a unique and preferred choice compared to its competitors.

With Yellowfin Assisted Insights, organizations can harness the power of their data to drive informed and data-driven business decisions.

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