Personalized dashboards: Keeping executives in the loop

Your palms are clammy and your confidence shaken. Its the weekly sales meeting and you’re desperately underprepared. You haven’t had time to prepare your pipleline spreadsheet report, and everyone will be looking to you for guidance and leadership.

Sound familiar? If not, then I’m sure you know the person I’m talking about.

Time-poor executives are on-the-go and overstretched, attending meetings without the knowledge to contribute meaningfully to discussion, let alone lead it.

Nearly all companies are sitting on plentiful data resources. But, many executives aren’t using that information to generate informed dialogue and decision-making. They simply don’t have the time to access its potential. So what’s the answer? A Business Intelligence (BI) solution? – Of course. But what else?

Personalized executive dashboards

Executives need access to personalized dashboards that deliver easy-to-understand KPIs and summary information on a regular, scheduled basis. Additionally, exception reporting should alert the executive to unexpected events and scenarios that require action. Personalized data delivery means executives are able to make decisions quickly, without any guesswork, and without having to wade through irrelevant information.

What is a dashboard?

Dashboards communicate complex information quickly. They translate your corporate data into rich, graphical presentations using a range of intuitive graphics to show multiple summary reports, allowing you to immediately view and understand data. Dynamic dashboards also allow you to drill down and through summary data, to access the information the abridged reports were based on, to acquire a more detailed understanding.

What are dashboards used to monitor?

Dashboards allow you to monitor crucial business information including:
• Client information
• Manufacturing and warehousing metrics
• Financial data
• Sales information
• Technical information
• Project progression

What are the benefits?

Dashboards allow you to:

1. Monitor business performance against targets
2. Understand business drivers
3. Align action with strategy
4. Make fast and informed decisions
5. Supports collaboration and cohesion

Dashboards deliver relevant, easily understood real-time data to business leaders, enabling faster and better decision-making whilst lowering response times to internal and external events.

With personalized executive dashboards, meetings will be more productive, less stressful, less embarrassing ordeals.

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