Business Users: Get to the Why faster than ever before with Yellowfin 7.4

Business Users: Get to the Why faster than ever before with Yellowfin 7.4

Assisted insights within Yellowfin 7.4 allows business users to take advantage of built-in machine learning and complex algorithms, to get to the why faster

It’s so frustrating.

You can see that your metrics have changed – it’s an unusually good month for sales, or marketing has seen a severe drop-off in social media engagement – but you don’t know why.

You can see the changes reflected on your dashboards and reports. But it’ll take hours of digging, or a request to the data analysts and a few days of waiting, before you can begin building up a picture of why these changes have occurred. Even then, you often don’t get a conclusive answer to ‘why’.

Time is not only precious, but it’s critical when that time could be spent adjusting activities to correct or boost business performance.

Imagine if you could just click on the report and it would bring up charts showing all the factors that affected the metrics you’re investigating. Then you could take action within minutes.

Well, you can.

It’s called Assisted Insights. And it’s coming in Yellowfin 7.4.


Assisted Insights to find out Why at a click

Insights are the gold in the deluge of data, so we want to make them instantly apparent.

Yellowfin 7.4’s Assisted Insights is simple to use. Just hover over the data point you want to query and tooltips will pop up. Click the Auto-Analyze drop-down. And the results will be served.

You will be given a variety of charts, complete with text narratives explaining what the chart represents, ranked in order of relevance. Simply select the insights you want to keep by ‘liking’ them and they will be saved to your Activity Stream. From there, you can share your insights with others, create tasks and start acting on the information.

Behind the scenes, Yellowfin reaches back into the View to find any correlating data, then runs that data through various algorithms to deliver the most statistically relevant results to explain the Why. Clever stuff with just a click.


What you get from Assisted Insights

Save yourself hours

It sounds too good to be true, but these really are insights served instantly. You ask “why?” and Yellowfin does all the digging for you. Within a few seconds, you’re selecting the most relevant insights and how to act on them.

Seconds. Not hours. Not even minutes.

See how much time that’ll save you? Think about how many hours you spend digging into reports, unsure which ones are the most relevant, hoping you find a correlation to explain the changes in your metrics. With Yellowfin, you get what you need fast.

You also get the insights explained with narratives under each chart. You don’t even have to sit and stare to work out what the chart is showing you.


Act on Insights immediately

The reason you want insights is so you can take action. You want to optimise your role, department or business. But that’s often delayed until you can understand why your metrics have changed. If you don’t know the underlying cause, you can’t correct or continue those same patterns that affected the metrics. Often, it takes too long to find the Why, and in the meantime the next issue has become more important.

That’s why Instant Insights is so critical. It allows you to act immediately. And you can get others to act too. Save the different insights to your timeline then share them with others and create related tasks. Get everyone moving toward the same goal.


Better and better results

The best bit about Instant Insights is that it keeps getting smarter. As you like or dislike the insights Yellowfin serves up, Yellowfin will remember which charts were most helpful and learn to rank those higher up. That way, you get tailored insights every time.


Want to find out more?

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